Pack Roles Part 1

Pack Roles Part 1

June 5, 2019 Off By Handler Blaise

In the Pups and Handler community, we find ourselves using a special set of words that, outside of the community, don’t have the same meaning. This “jargon” becomes difficult to understand when you’re learning. Maybe you’ve heard of some of it already as it’s difficult to ignore.

The common terms you’ll run into are Handler, Alpha, Beta, and Omega. If you know anything about wolf pack dynamics, this might be something you’re familiar too. That or if you have owned a dog, you might have found yourself being called a handler. Although that information can bleed over into the world of human pups, it’s not as black and white as you’ll realize the more you mingle within our community. Soon, the words Handler, Alpha, Beta, and Omega will because you don’t know “what it means to you”.

Let’s first start off by stating this. There is always a learning curve when you first start anything new and that is alright. By the end of these series of articles, we hope that it may clear up this set of jargon, and allow you to understand what it means when you hear these words and what it might mean to you.

“Pack roles” are a form of structure within the pup community, and each role has a meaning and purpose. Handlers and Alphas are considered to hold more of a Dominant role while Betas are considered more Versatile, and Omegas are considered to be Submissive by trade.

In this article, we’ll focus on the Submissive and Versatile pack roles.

Pups who consider themselves as Omegas normally will find themselves not wanting to take on the role of leadership. They find it more to their enjoyment to service those they believe have earned both their respect and trust. Omegas tend to love making others happy, whether it’s in the act of sexual pleasure or during their Dom’s day to day life. Within a pack, they may find themselves following the orders of their Handler, Alpha, or Beta. The orders can vary from keeping the house clean, making sure they are waiting at the door for walkies, or sitting naked at the ends of the bed, ready to serve. However, keep in mind that Omega pups do have a mind of their own.

Submission does not mean weakness. Submission is a powerful gift, one that is not given lightly. If you demand an Omega to do what you want, please you in the way you need, and they did not give consent nor know you, then you should not be surprised when you get the exact opposite of what you asked for. Omegas are their own person and although they are more followers than leaders, they are not weak. They will and can stand up for themselves and they do deserve the same level of respect that is given to those who takes on a Dom role.

If you find yourself to be more on the submission side of things, and this sounds more like you, then an Omega is a fine role to fill. It is a role full of service, one in which you strive to make another smile and gain a sense of fulfillment from it. It is a role that is amazing and one to be proud of!

Now, Betas. Versatile, especially if you identify yourself as LGBTQ, may have a lot of different meanings. Yet, for a pup that finds themselves under the role of Beta, it is more leaning to the aspect of Versatility with being a Dom and a sub. This is something that allows them to be able to jump back and forth between being a leader or a follower.

Some may think that they are being indecisive but truly they are not. Beta pups tend to know they do not want to be stuck in a specific role forever. They don’t always want to be someone’s sub nor do they want to be stuck in a position where they have full control over another as a Dom. Which is absolutely fine! Beta pups versatility within a pack makes it easier for both the Doms and subs cause this allows a Beta to see both sides of the spectrum. They can help lessen the burdens of those they serve and help guide and keep those under them in check.

A Beta’s role is truly a strong and important role within the community. You will find Beta’s versatility allows them to be amazing teachers because they can guide both sides in understanding one another. If you feel a certain tug towards being a Beta, then excellent! Know that you, within a pack, are the checks and balance between the top and bottom. Know that although you may enjoy being under an Alpha’s or Handlers hand, that you can nip them if they step out of line. Know that if your Omega is feeling hurt and weak that you can be there to lift them up. You have the power to serve others in more ways than one and you should relish in your power as a verse.