Cyber Bullying in the Pup Community

Cyber Bullying in the Pup Community

July 30, 2019 Off By betapupphoenix

In the pup Community there are pups and handlers that seam to think it is ok to Bully other pups for what they have done to others or in the past. The Community 8 years ago used to be so Loving and caring. What happened to that? Well these days no one wants to hear both sides of the story its just one side and not the other. Some pups think that it is ok to Tag one person or more people  On facebook or other social media . So ask your self if you were to be bullied by someone how would you take it ? there are pups in the Community that do try to commit suicide or some thing worse! Like pup red he was bullied by someone and killed himself   I still question on what really happened to him. In the Community we have to look at both sides of the story and either pick one side or both and hear out what is really going on. We must also look at what really went on and if you don’t believe either side then just say I don’t believe it.

I have been cyber bullied over things that don’t matter or it is in the past. Most of the Community of the pups they have a title of some of  kind and think that its ok to bully someone over something or someone such as ( IE Facebook or any other social media sites) When someone has a pup and another pup wants to be a friend  that pups Alpha then tags someone in it …. Ask your self did my Alpha or Pup do the right thing by posting or tagging a person on Facebook just to start drama ?

In my eyes Bullying is a crime and I believe Facebook should ban accounts that message others or tags someone in bullying. And its just not Pups and Alphas that are bullied its also furrys and cats, pups etc its just not the Pup Community its all even the LGBT Community. We see screenshots of other Conversations! Ask your self Do you want a pup or a furry or someone in the Community to end there life’s from Suicide or Drugs or Beer ? No we don’t so why cant we ALL As one come together as ONE Loving Community and support all not just hear what one or the other says or has done? Ask your self this each time you bully someone

Much Love

Beta Pup Phoenix