The Making of Cerebrus: Magical Pup

The Making of Cerebrus: Magical Pup

May 9, 2019 Off By papao

Puppy Play opens the human experience towards a new spiritual pathway into shapeshifting magick.  A practice that was commonly used in early ritualistic practices all across the world. The dog, which is the common animal in puppy play,  has not only been man’s best friend, but the companion of many spiritual practitioners, personal familiars, and even the guardians of the Divine.

Many pups have transcended beyond the sexual construct and have developed a relationship with a spiritual kindred; which has the ability to create a metaphysical symbiotic bond. This enables the  individual to create a stand alone supernatural construct; evolving a fetish, into a spiritual avatar when they dawn the hood and the collar. It prepares the individual’s soul for a transference of civilization to the animalistic, and conjoins them creating of hybrid of canine and human energies.

Pup energy workers should start out by finding their own personal core and looking at the physiological energy centers of the pup, as a biped and as a quadruped. (Biped core will be around the solar plexus or diaphragm region, where the quadruped will be closer to the navel or mid abdomen.)

When the pup is in its bipedal stance, there are many basic points of energetic communication and interaction.

The first being the eyes, the hood shields human features; removing any non-verbal facial communication, which is one of the major ways of nonverbal communication.   The eyes become one of the primary biological sources of emitting emotions. The eyes direct the ability for the pup to display emotion and transmit energy, through visual displays.

When working with the eyes, allow yourself to locate your core and begin to focus on your energy development.  Begin to flourish your energy within your core and allow it to circle in your body till it becomes pliable. Move the energy in a circular formation, till you feel you have manifested the desired effect,

[ You will know when you have manifested the proper amount of energy ( ie love, wrath, or playfulness) when you can feel the energetic emotion become tangible  and you have the ability to move it through the body. ]

Allow the energy to flow through your chest and follow up your spine and exit out your eyes. ( I find that letting out a simple noise or word at the intended person helps to release the energy, when you are first getting started.)

Hands are the basic source of moving energy, often practiced by most beginning energy practitioners .   If the fingers are curved to form a paw, direct the energy from the pads of your hands and palms. (If you find that the fingers release excess energy,  allow that energy to flow in a circuit between the fingers and thumb. Allow the circuit to strengthen the primary movement of energy by moving the energy towards the pad of the hand.)

Finally, in the biped form, another energy center is the lower abdomen/ belt of atlas and the genitalia.  By altering your mood and intentions your body naturally release androstenone, a pheromone that will create different reactions in people and animals.  Your body releases pheromones, sending out a cerebral messages to other creatures around you .

By focusing on your emotional goal, your body releases your on biological smell to create a  reaction with other animals and humans . (The adrenal gland plays an important role in the imitation of pheromones.  You also release a fair amount of pheromones from your armpits as well, but most people cover them up with deodorants and colognes.)  So the area around the sex organs, will release a chemical communication which will enable a reaction by people around.

The genitalia has a power all to itself, as a biped it stands out on the front of our bodies.   This allows the pup to use his phallus as a energetic tool in his arsenal. Properly developing your lower abdominal energy, locate your core again and  begin to circle your intentions within the core area. Start setting your mindset of what you need to accomplish, while you are doing this. Your adrenal gland will start releasing the message through pheromones.   Begin to move the energy down the curvature of your abdomen, than begin to move the energy forward through your pelvis, lower abdomen and genitalia. ( If you are doing this during sex, you can alter sexual experiences by changing up energetic patterns)

The quadruped form of the pup, will manifest different areas of  energetic centers. (Note that in the quadruped position your core will change locations, ideally it will move lower, towards mid to lower back and abdomen.)

In the quadruped position the eyes will continue to be a primary source of energy communication and emission.

The next area of energetic movement comes out of the chest and breastplate   The chest becomes a major form of moving energy, a a quadruped pup. With the arms in a downward stance it opens up the chest to direct energy.  Tensing the pectorals and trapezius muscles, while lifting the head, the tension helps to create a perfect environment for moving energy. (Adding the tension of a harness may help the pup to focus on the area to move energy through the chest. ) This stance creates a perfect symmetry,  for opening the chest for projecting energy. This posture has the ability to move a
substantial amounts of energy forward like a cannon.

To move energy through the chest and breastplate you will need to find your core, and begin to circle the energy till it reaches the intensity apex that you need accomplish the task you desire.  Once the energy is properly cured push it forward out of the chest and shoulders. (If you are having difficulties transmitting energy through your chest, don’t worry, often times using a bark or a growl will help to move the energy through the chest giving it some extra intensity.

The “pounce” is another significant way of moving energy.  To use a pounce to move energy you will need to utilize the chest, arms, and paws.  The pounce releases a quick, but effective burst of energy. Develop the energy in your core, and move it up to the chest, begin to focus the energy down your arms.  When you push up to land the pounce, direct all energy to the front paws, landing a powerful burst of energy.

Paws and pads are a non-intense way for pups to deliver energy, in a playful manner.  Canines use their paws to deliver emotion and transmit every day dog commentary on the world.   They scratch to get our attention and to direct us to behave like proper masters and handlers.

Scratching lets out small burst of energy and intention.   (Since it requires less energy, either core bipedal or quadruped can be utilized.) The energy should be directed towards the paws, and release it in small bursts.  (Advanced practitioners, can divide their intentions. Using their left paw for one type of energy and their right to send another type of energy.)

The fourth is the howl, canines have howled at the moon since they dawn of time.   The primal howl holds intense power, with the satisfaction of euphoric, raw energy release.   The howl can be used as a prayer, or for setting a boundary like witches cast a circle. The energy of the howl  is raw, but that is what gives the intensity to its power.

The energy should come from the lowest part of your core.  Lean back on your haunches to help achieve adding depth to your howl. Leaving the front paws grounded on the floor in front of you.  Focus all the energy you can muster and allow the energy to move from the depth and grow with ferber, as it moves up the body and out of the mouth.  It is ok to let the howl be loud and intense as you want it to be. It is supposed to primal explosion of energy, so just let it loose.