Timeline of pup play milestones 2010-2019

Timeline of pup play milestones 2010-2019

February 18, 2018 Off By Tycho Aurora

This is a timeline of significant events and milestones amongst Competitions, social groups and community support that have helped around the global puppy community amongst the 20th Century. This isn’t a complete list and we would love to expand on it. If you have anything to add to it, please email us at nerdy.doggo@gmail.com



2011 Pup Bone Pride Flag

  • Inaugural Release of the Pup Bone Pride Flag
  • First time pups and handlers walked in London, U.K Pride March. There was 6 participants
  • Inaugural International Puppy (St Louis) Competition


  • One of the most popular online support groups on Facebook “Puppy 101” was launched.



  • Second Printing of the book “WOOF!” by Michael Daniels
  • Founding of Victoria Pups and Handlers social group in Melbourne, AUS
  • Founding of Queensland Pups and Handlers social group in Sydney, AUS
  • February: Inaugural Mr Puppy Europe Competition Held
  • November: Inaugural Mr Puppy UK Competition Held. Pup Zentai ’Spot’ became titleholder
  • December: Public Release of the academic paper “An Exploratory Study of a New Kink Activity: “Pup Play” by Lian Wignall & Mark McCormack “


  • Formation of South Africa puppy group
  • January: Launch of community resource site Pupplay.Info
  • May: Release of U.K Documentary “Secret Life of Human Pups”


2017 Pup and Handler Pride Flag

  • Founding of social group in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Inaugural Australian Pup & Handler Competition
  • IPC and ITPC began the merging process and created IPAH Weekend in St Louis, U.S
  • Inaugural Mr Puppy Italy Competition
  • Inaugural Mr Puppy France Competition
  • Inaugural Mr Puppy Switzerland Competition


  • Inaugural Miss Puppy UK Competition
  • Inaugural Puppy Germany Competition