Canis Minor: Pup Play Free Research eBook Released

Canis Minor: Pup Play Free Research eBook Released

October 5, 2017 Off By Tycho Aurora

Canis Minor Book Cover

We are pleased to announce that Canis Minor, the free eBook containing the 2017 Nerdy Doggo Research Project has been published!

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We set out with a purpose to achieve by the end of this project. Below is a bullet list of what our purpose behind it is.

  • Formulate a kind of “quantitative snapshot” of what the community looks like in appearance
  • Find what peoples likes and dislikes would be
  • Find out what people want from their community
  • Create results from the data to help inspire and direct role models and proactive leaders in the pup play community to address issues and topics have the research uncovers
  • Create resources from results for the pup play community to utilise
  • Create results that can help inspire future academic research into the pup community.

We also had a set of goals we wanted to reach by the end of the project and we are proud to be able to deliver on every single one.

  • Run a series of surveys through 2017 to form an unbiased snapshot of the community:
  • Keep raw data secure and results anonymised: We were able to deliver on our goal of security and had no data leak of anything that could pin point any raw data to any individual.
  • Developed by the Community: We took feedback from every survey release and improved upon them, this allowed us to create sections we didn’t expect to be in demand like switches and a focus on what the transgender community is like in the greater pup community.
  • Results freely available: This free eBook is delivering our final promise to have our collated data available to anyone who wishes to read it.

We hope that this research sparks debate and discussion not only in the pup community but also to spark the motivation of others to do their own research.

If you want to help contribute to future non-profit Nerdy Doggo projects for the pup community, we are planning a paperback publication version with more graphics and interpretations in early 2018 that will help us raise money for future projects.

Authors Note: 24 hours ago we announced via Facebook. We have had such a strong positive response from it, there is already talks of a pup in Canada going to work with a university with expanding on the physical and mental health part of this research! We are looking forward to seeing what more research this project helps spark and begin.