Review of Woof: A Barkumentary

Review of Woof: A Barkumentary

September 8, 2017 1 By Tycho Aurora

A Pup Speaking About Relationships

The purpose of this film was to humanize a community that is very misunderstood not just by the general public, but also by people within the community. While filming, we oftentimes found ourselves trying to defend the pup and BDSM community to people who said they were allies.

We want people to know that being part of the pup community doesn’t make them who they are, it’s just a small aspect of their lives.

We also discuss in the film the problems surrounding abuse within the kink and fetish world, and why it’s not discussed. We aim to make this a more common topic that people can feel free to bring up within the LGBT world.






I have been fortunate to be able to watch this documentary. With a length of just half an hour its short enough for those puppies with short attention span. I enjoyed it thoroughly, it didnt try to impose ideas or concepts but had a great focus on relationships within the pup community in the United States.

It did touch on some sensitive topics but in a respectful and tasteful way that can not only help educated people in the community but also in the general public. I loved that it also included both genders in their interviews of the community but also showing the close personal relationships all the way to titleholders. The pup community is so diverse though, no single documentary could touch on all aspects but the story stayed on point and on topic about relationships in the community.

If your wanting to introduce someone to the pup community and/or even non-stereotypical types of relationships that exist in the fetish community but also in greater society; this would be a fantastic documentary to introduce them to this part of the world.

The documentary was well composed, directed and produced. It featured professional, cinematic-style attention to details such as light, sound, camera work, backgrounds and transitions which are an improvement on many other pup documentary and similarly styled vides that often feature poor lighting and shaky camera work. The combination of good planning and great execution of cinematographic methods bring a high production value to a simple, yet powerful documentary.

I really love the stepping stone that this documentary has taken to bring the pup community into the light with the greater community especially when the creator isnt specifically part of the community so it could’ve taken a more derogative turn but it didnt. I am looking forward to see what documentaries come out next from the creator and from the pup community.


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