First Ever Dog Pride Flag Found

First Ever Dog Pride Flag Found

July 1, 2017 Off By Tycho Aurora

During our research on the history of pup play, we stumbled on the original and first ever dog pride flag that was created. First mention is from April 2001 on the now defunct website leatherdog which was around from October 2000 – October 2007.

Scott Stevenson, aka phyedo, wrote and mentioned that he had created a Dog Pride Flag for the dogboy/Handler community. We really liked his idea, and interviewed him regarding its origins and usage. Here are excerpts from that interview.

Why did you decide to create a Dog Pride flag in the first place?

phyedo: i guess that after many years of being in the community, and having been a former title holder (ed note: phyedo is Michigan Drummerboy 1999) , i felt that i needed to give more back that was given to me…also, there are A LOT of dog/pup boys out there, and i was hoping that this might help bring us closer together, and to help identify each other where otherwise we might not.

Why did you choose the colors and layout? What do they mean?

as for the colors, i chose black to represent our leather side, brown to represent our dog/pup side, the “flesh” tone to represent our human side, and the white to represent the shine and glow of pride and respect we have for ourselves and each other, the black border (following the leather theme) represents the leather side that most (if not some) of us are bound by…as for the fact that the stripes are vertical, it’s to help us to remember to stand up for ourselves with dignity…and the dog head, well, that one’s pretty much a given, it’s our identifier of who we are or want to be…these are just my own opinions of what they meant to me, not that others have to feel that way at all…..