Do you need to have a pup above you or below you to be an alpha or a beta pup?

VL: In theory no since they're roles that should come from the heart.
VA: Labels don't really matter. In the end they're all relative. I know a pup who has an Alpha and is pretty submissive but also has a beta now. It's all relative.
ZK: Ya I think it's more about mindset, like someone asking if you're a dom or sub basically, but less rigid cause pups
TO: The roles depend on the relationship. You could even be both Alpha & Beta to the same pup.
JH: It's all in your feelings. I know I'm an omega, but I have nerve done anything to warrant that feeling.
GD: Just had an experience where Alpha and beta energies switched halfway through play. Very hot, even more so because it was natural. You are an Alpha or beta or omega or... Based on what feels right for you and for that person. I have owned a pup. Been an Alpha. Had a beta. And have been a beta, pup, and boy. All were right at the time... Even single. But, try them all on and maybe you can answer, if you decide to play along with the labels and fantasies of the others.