Latex Allergies at a Mosh

Latex Allergies at a Mosh

May 1, 2017 Off By Community Articles

how do people deal with severe latex allergies in terms of hosting a mosh?

[box] CM: It’s a personal choice but, if the latex items are chlorinated this makes the item easier to wear and not only that but helps a lot with latex allergies for yourself and others. My girlfriend breaks out in a major rash when she is in latex, I got a catsuit chlorinated for her and she no longer has any issues with it. Would highly recommend but again it’s very much a personal choice and costly. [/box]

[box]DS: The major source of conflict is “how do we hold a mosh for everyone” when we have rubber pups and pup’s with latex allergies. So the treatment wouldn’t really be an option. [/box]

[box]MS: In 5 years of service you’re the first to ever voice such concern. Locally I’d suggest talking to your PAH about having such an opportunity. Locally we ban treats with nuts if anyone has an allergy as it can still be an issue with licking and sharing toys. Yours is a bit more limiting when many pups are into rubber as a Fetish and it enhances their play. So it can’t always be latex free, and the bigger moshes certainly can’t exclude dozens of pups to accommodate one pup. In those cases it’s on you and your handler to keep you away from pups wearing latex. [/box]

[box]DS: Therein lies the issue. I’m part of our PAH and am trying to come up with plausible solutions for a pup who attends our moshes [/box]

[box]MB: Naked moshes! 😈 [/box]

[box]DB: I feel like it would be up to the pup who has severe latex allergies to fully gear up in non-latex fabric covering all of their skin. Also there should be a bit of information distributed to the pups at the mosh that have latex on letting them know that this specific pup has a severe latex allergy. [/box]

[box]NO: If one has a latex allergy, it is the responsibility of the allergic one to NOT partake. They are the outlier, and they can have a great deal of fun WITHOUT moshing etc. They do not have the right to command everyone else not to wear gear. [/box]

[box]DS: You’re effectively saying that someone with a latex allergy can’t be a puppy. I didn’t say anything about “commanding” others do not wear gear. So I’m somewhat at a loss to understand what usefulness you’re attempting to add to the conversation. I’m looking for more of a compromise on how we can have the puppy mosh without dying from an allergic reaction or going to the hospital, cuz those are just slightly terrible things. [/box]

[box]NO: Not at all. One does not need to wear latex to be a puppy. But I don’t think it’s fair to ban everyone else from wearing latex in case one person is allergic [/box]

[box]RB: I’d probably see about doing alternating moshes, making some latex free to help give the pup more opportunities. I also get that doing so is incredibly difficult. [/box]

[box]DS: that’s where my head has been [/box]

[box]JL: I Have two mat areas and make one a latex free zone. Many Moshe’s have two mats going anyway, one for rougher play and one as a rest or quiet zone. [/box]

[box]DB: It just depends on space and the amount of mat pieces you have [/box]

[box]MV: We have a latex-allergy in the Toronto pack. Most who know the pup just avoid wearing rubber when we know he’ll be on the matts, but I can see how this would be an issue at a larger event. If you don’t have the resources for two separate play areas, have attendees and Facebook group confirmees take a survey and act accordingly. Also, disclaimers and waivers! [/box]

[box]JS: I don’t know if this would be super helpful, but could there be an agreed upon item or color or some such that designated latex free? That way those with allergies could wear it to the mosh and it could be a cue to folks in latex to stay back? [/box]