Just a question for the Pack…& Handlers, of course… what is the longest time you’ve spent in basically uninterrupted puppy head space? Or had a.Pup stay in continual almost uninterrupted head space?

BM: My longest was about 5 hours, it was the best time I'd had ever
GS: 6 hours
DG: Ive gone a total of 5 with my alpha till i got hungry and realized how hard it was to open packages and the microwave 😂
BS: I totally get that, pup!
DG: Wags tail excitedly i like to try and get into sirs bacon treats num num
MS: I sleep with my.collar on makes me feel safe
DM: I spent a weekend in fairly continuous pupspace, just on a low key level. I didn't even properly realize it at the time until I went to visit a vanilla friend immediately after, and was essentially all over her. 
BS: I've totally been there! But not necessarily with a female. I understand though. Woof!
DG: Wags wags its alot of fun i have to catch myself from barking at work .. muggles wouldn't understand
BS: I also have a problem restraining my bark sometimes. Sometimes when I'm with my Handler in the store I will make a quick little Park just to find it. Sometimes people look at me funny. Sometimes they just smile knowing late period
DG: Hahaha I will howl and bark when no ones in the office .. my boss caught me me howling he thought i was just ready for the weekend haha
MS: I barked and I was told by mom to stop it
MW: I'm lucky to get an hr. Vanilla hubs hates it. And I don't get time to see alpha much