Quotes from the Community

Quotes from the Community

April 20, 2017 Off By Community Articles

Burrpup Ursus:
Be you. Be the pup that makes you the happiest. Alpha or not, pack or not, title or not…we’re all just dogs looking for joy.

Pup Nightmare:
It is okay to love yourself, to be comfortable in your skin. Body or fat shaming is absolutely not nor ever okay or necessary.

Justin St Clair:
if you are constantly having to defend your actions, the problem, in fact, may be your actions. And no, you’re not a victim when someone points out your bullshit.

Pup Bayard:
The best part about pup play is that there are no set rules, no set boundaries to what you make of it. You can join a pack or family, you can stay a stray. You can take it serious and compete, or secluded or social. You can wear a collar or choose not to. You can have gear or go without it. You can bark, take on a name, or just woof anytime you feel the need to. Pup play is just that playing as a pup how you see it and feel it.

Paul Argo:
The “right” form of Puppy Play is whatever you & your play partners decide it is.

Pup Chomper:
Stop complaining and take action of your life. You can do it! It is amazing how much it can change someone just by refusing to let negative energy turn you into a sad mop. Stop letting so many negative things hurt you and start using that energy to make a difference in the world.

Don’t like gear? Don’t have any. Don’t like competitions? Don’t compete. Do what you enjoy without harassing or belittling people who enjoy things you don’t.

Dexx Pup:
If you want to go out in your fetish stuff, be it pony play, Pig play, pup play, leather, rubber, latex, pvc, boots, trainers, sports, animal, harnesses, bondage gear or any other fetish gear then do it. The only thing you are truly afraid of is yourself. I believe once you get over worrying about what others think of you and stop trying to control the things you can’t you will be a much happier person.

Tycho Aurora:
Puppy is what YOU make of it. By Helping improve and inspire the community, your making things better to be a part of.

The kink community you want isn’t going to build itself

Sir Pounder:
–Don’t jump into a pack or be collared until you know what you want and have a strong foundation in who you are.

–Not all Handlers or Masters are created equal. Get to know someone before you hand over your pup headspace.

Puppy cuddles are the best!

Black Eagle Kennel Club:
By making things better for others we make things better for ourselves

Why so serious!?