Transient Trust

Transient Trust

April 21, 2017 Off By PapaWoof

A submissive has no alternative but to place a measure of trust so great in a Dominant that it constitutes an absolute trust or faith that this same Dominant will not breech the foundational limits and ultimately the very life of that submissive while that submissive is within their care. This trust or faith cannot be given in partial measure for to do so would limit or eliminate the consent of that submissive to allow physical and mental access which we interpret to be the consent necessary for that Dominant to interact with that submissive in a manner in agreement with the ideals of the BDSM lifestyle. In most situations where bondage is a factor the act of bondage itself places the submissive beyond the range of self preservasive action, quite literally forcing them into the placement of absolute trust should that trust not already exist.

This situation is not equally true for the Dominant. A Dominant is seldom placed in a position requiring them to trust their very life in the hands of another person. When a submissive encounters a Dominant for the first time that Dominant is a stranger. The submissive must take the ‘knowns’ of that Dominant into full consideration in advance of any furtherance of a potential relationship with that Dominant. It becomes crucial to consider that a submissive ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ to believe in a Dominant for every interactive encounter with that Dominant may and can place that submissive in a situation where their life is literally within the hands and control of that Dominant. I restate, the Dominant is a stranger. An unknown. In the measuring of the relative trustworthiness of that unknown Dominant before risking their life in the hands of that Dominant the submissive must look to the actions that Dominant demonstrably takes or has taken in the past. It is not important what a person says, words color and skew the truth. It is important what that person does.

If a person can habitually violate their word, their most sacred oaths and vows given to those they claim the deepest attachments to in this life, if they routinely breach the trust, faith and belief of these people, they are demonstrating a fundamental unworthiness of basic trust. There is no margin of error permissible here. If a submissive places their trust in a person to whom the concept of trust is meaningless then that placement of trust is foolhardy at possibly the cost of that submissive’s life.

For a concept to have meaning it must mean the same thing to each person considering that concept. If trust has meaning then both should live to the fullness of the concept and reality that trust represents. Trust is the confident dependence on the character, ability, strength or truth of the individual. Trustworthiness is not transient, temporary or in selective existence.