Tattoos In The Community

Tattoos In The Community

February 17, 2017 Off By Tycho Aurora

We can’t wait to share some results that are coming through from our research project. So we plan to release some simple facts that we have discovered about our global puppy and handler community. Currently, with at least 450 respondents and climbing, we have some intermediary results we want to share and our first mini article is about tattoos in the community.

18% of the community has a tattoo that they use to expresses their pup identity. This is well above the global average of 13.6%

So far, it seems like tattoos can be a popular avenue for some pups to express their own identity in the pup world. Something to respect and keep in mind when someone is considering one or proud of wearing their identity in such a public arena. I hope results like this will keep dialogue and discussions in the community open and fair about the topic of tattoos.

The Nerdy Doggo Survey is still open for volunteers. New parts are added almost every month. You can fill out part 1 and 2 already at these links below.


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Disclaimer: These results are intermediary and are subject to change as more people fill out the survey series throughout 2017.