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A Slice of Pup Community History

The BDSM (Bondage/Dominance Sadomasochism) is the seed from where our consensual puppy roots grew after world war II. The collar was perfectly acceptable in the leather community, as was being on all fours and knowing to stay on command. There were no odd looks, it was a fit. Our Leather Community is a perfect environment for pups to begin to blossom, alongside slaves.   In fact, pups were not a far stretch from the consensual slave, except for one key thing, the puppy heart. There is no humiliation when on all fours for pups; a dog bowl and padded mitts...

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What Kind Of Pup?

I used to wonder why some pups did things that I did not appreciate.  Then, I began looking  the at pups through Archetypal energy.  Aside from our “breeds,” our style has basic energies.  So read on and determine what kind of pup you basically are. What are Archetypal and Symbolic Pups? An archetype is a word that carries the qualities of what it describes. For instance, when I say the word ”baby” we think of innocence and dependence. When people see a policeman, they think of authority and (hopefully) trust. Each Archetype we possess has both light and dark sides...

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