Decreasing Anxiety….Beyond Pupping Out

Decreasing Anxiety….Beyond Pupping Out

October 22, 2016 Off By Community Articles

Stress and anxiety suck ass! We all experience it, some of us differently than others and we all are able to handle it differently. Some can just deal with and carry on their day. A lot of us rely on our involvement in our respective BDSM communities to help cope. That’s one of the things that was so appealing to me about Pup Play. The ability to let everything go and just not worry about all of the annoying human things that complicate life.

It would be an understatement to say that my life has been stressful the last few weeks.
My Sister just left her husband… which I couldn’t be happier to say! He was annoying AS HELL! We put up with him because she loved him… not the case anymore so I can yell to the rooftops that he is an asshat! Things at work have been beyond complicated with a new appraisal system and planning that we must do. All so that my bosses can know what is supposed to be going on when all they have to do is spend five minutes paying attention to what I’m working on to know. I have been dealing with the fall out of a situation between myself and my Handler that started with a lack of knowledge and miscommunication and blossomed into a mushroom cloud of a clusterfuck. Two weeks ago I was presented with the amazing opportunity to become Beta to an amazing Person(Pup Wylie) which was a breath of fresh air in my cloud of Suck! I went and met with the doctor that will be performing my vasectomy and I got in a good session with my Counsellor. I got to end my week with coffee and Lunch with Alpha on Thursday.

Then shit hit the fan Friday! I received a message that morning from my brother who is in the Army and Stationed in Kuwait that he was on Suicide watch. He is safe, and he is being taken care of. They will be flying him to Germany on Wednesday. After some time there, he will be sent back to the States and back to his duty station.

I do not do well with large amounts of stress on my mind. I start to shut down after so long. I do well in stressful work situations. So to cope with stress I find a project to busy my mind and my hands. Something to not let me think, or I Pup out. Well, I couldn’t Pup out at work but I did have plenty of crafting supplies at hand. So, I decided to make a Pup Hood. Which is actually something that I had planned on doing over the weekend. But It got made. And it helped me with my stress and anxiety.

I knew that Pup Play was an amazing escape for me, who knew that making gear would help too! Now, I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the other things and people who helped get me through my day! My Beautiful wife, my Handler, Pup Wylie and all of the other Pups, Handlers and Kinksters who have reached out to me and sent words of encouragement and love.

If you or someone you know or love is battling depression or suicide, Please, Please reach out. Not all wounds are physical and not all scars can be seen. Call the National Suicide prevention Hotline (USA) 1-800-273-8255

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