Headspace Aftercare

Headspace Aftercare

October 7, 2016 Off By Community Articles

I’ve been wondering, as my headspace requires very little after care. I’m able to go into & come out of it with relative ease most times. So my question is, what kind of after care do you all need?

JB Says: I’m the same way for me its ask if I’m okay and give me a min to transfer mindsets

TM Says: For me it depends what we’re doing and level of pain. If I’m in puppy mode and get flogged hard, I need aftercare

TO Says: I understand that, but that is mainly from the flogging from the sounds of it. Not sure what that would entail either…

JS Says: It depends on the pup. I know I can snap in and out of headspace really easily; in about a minute just hearing my name, but I know other pups who need time spent with a handler/sir/dom/etc. after to get out of headspace

DG Says: Its nice to have gear but being a pup to me means so much more I find myself going in and out of pup headspace throughout my day ..

MS Says: I don’t think I ever really leave my pupspace. It takes me seconds to go from human to pup and back again.

JV Says: My Sir telling me to stand up

BS Says: I know that my partner A## needs to be brought out of it slowly.

TO Says: How do you bring B## out of his puppy side? What are you doing to ensure the slow transition out of headspace?

AR Says: Yea when I’m in headspace I’m B## I respond to B## I am usually never called A## so finding A## finds my human side

JM Says: I’m the same way, I can slide in and out of headspace easily. I only have issues when I’m brought out abruptly

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