Is There Truly a Puppy 101?

Is There Truly a Puppy 101?

September 17, 2016 Off By Community Articles

Lots and lots to think about for today. When you decide to give a class you get inundated with ideas not only from yourself but from everywhere. You want to please everyone but know that this is hard. Talking about puppy can take hours upon hours and when I begin talks with pups this leads to days upon days of reflection and self examination. I posed a question a few days ago about whether the topics I had chosen were something people wanted to hear about, and got many great responses, nonetheless there were the few that were like no, you should discuss this topic instead. With all due respect the topic of meeting and interacting with other pups was the harshest topic that was introduced.

Does anyone with absolute certainty have all the answers to such a hard and trying topic?

Let me put it to you this way. Puppy play is one of the more unique fetishes in the United States. We don’t have set protocols, we don’t have a set of rules or a true handbook so to speak about our culture. We are a young group in the overall aspects of fetishism.

Just as unique as puppy play is to fetish, every pup is unique in his or her own way. No two pups approach a scene or group the same way. I, nor anyone else out there, can change the feelings or anxieties that you have within yourself or the people that you are meeting.

I wish there was a way that this could be easily explained. I take time before going out to get in the right headspace, because I’m afraid of rejection. I fear hearing comments like you’re the fat to be a puppy, or gross look at that fat ads. I fear people laughing or talking behind my back. I resolve to myself that no matter what I will make at least one connection for the evening when I am out.

I’m not the only one who goes through this, many, many, many pups still feel these insecurities whether they are title holders or not. Whether they are club members or not. Whether they are popular or not.
We as puppies are unique in that while we are puppies, we are still human and still emote those emotions throughout our play. So the insecurities can creep in a any time. When you go out to the bar, or the social event, or the meet and greet and you are surrounded by all these unique pups, remember that while being unique they are also just like you, in many ways and find it just as hard to interact with many of you as you find it to interact with them.

Much much love from a anxious puppers!