First Night Sleeping In A Pup Hood

First Night Sleeping In A Pup Hood

September 15, 2016 Off By Tycho Aurora

14305370_10153986559202992_4067894100499090045_oI recently bought the new Mr S Leather neoprene hood to be an everyday-type hood for play time, something to wear for hours without worrying about it becoming too uncomfortable. I am glad I picked this hood. The neoprene makes it easy to take on and off with ease, it can get wet which is great for showers and swimming. Its thinner than a typical wet-suit so you don’t end up sweating like a wet sea sponge and I sweat while I sleep and never found the humidity of wearing it overnight to be irritating.

I found its snug fit to be comforting without triggering my claustrophobia and as time goes by you get used to the feeling of the inner fabric which makes it much easier to snuggle up close to your handler or significant other. Also, since they cover the ears which dulls your sense of fine tune hearing, the silver lining is that it if the other person is a bit “vocally irritating” when sleeping, then it can help you get a quieter nights sleep 😉

If you worry about pressure points while you sleep. Don’t worry, I didn’t find any of the snap buttons to be a nuisance and i wasn’t poked by them while moving around in my sleep. Even the ears with the rigid parts inside them, I barely noticed. I also have a Mohawk and I woke up without the imprint of the fabric across my face or scalp which is great if u need to leave the house early. One small note though is your handler or significant other may want to give you scritche’s on the side of your head, which makes a lot of noise into your ears, just direct them to scratch between your puppy ears on top of your head for the same effect without the downside.

14374744_10210449989508725_678838079_oFor headspace i found surreal, to wake up in your hood I fell so much quicker into headspace than I usually do, and for those who find it hard to reach that sweet spot, its could be an easy way to have a great start to your day. Personally I found that it did wonders for me, I slept better, slept deeper and my chronic nightmare issues were less intense. I know it was only my first night sleeping in my neoprene hood, but I am even more excited to see how this grows on me (pun intended, hehe)

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