Great Lakes Puppy & Trainer Contest 2003

Great Lakes Puppy & Trainer Contest 2003

October 5, 2003 Off By Tycho Aurora

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Event: Great Lakes Puppy Contest
Time: 3 – 5 – October – 2003
Location: The Cellblock, Chicago, IL, USA

Excerpt from the Defunct website (Feburary 15 2003)

Event Staff

The Lady Chanel Exotique (Miss Windy City Continental 2002)
Sir Michael Daniels (President of •
Rubber Willi (International Mr. Rubber 2002)
Joanne Gaddy •
Karen McGee (Ms World Leather 2002) •
Shawn Porter (Mr Indiana Falcon 2002)
Dean Ogren (American Leatherman 2000) •
Don Leach (Great Lakes LeatherSIR 2002)
Terry Snodgrass (Great Lakes Mr Drummer 2001)
Marc Rosenburg (Mr Cell Block Leatherman 2001)
Kennel Manager
marc peurye (Great Lakes BootBlack 2002)
Judges’ Pup:
jefpup (Vice President of •

Michael Daniels – Head Judge

Originally from central Indiana, Michael Daniels has been involved in BDSM and leather for the past 15+ years, first finding his leather-self as a boy and now on his journey as a Daddy at the ripe old age of 37.

As co-creator, and president of, he has a special interest in human dog training and behavior. He has given numerous presentations on human dog play and has been honored to judge at the International Puppy Contest in Houston, Texas each of the past two years.

Migrating East from the Los Angeles area, he now calls Columbus, Ohio home, and lives with his human pup, jefpup, his boy, boy chuck, and his three real canines. He earns his living in project management and product marketing.

Michael can be reached on

Joanne Gaddy – Judge

Joanne C. Gaddy, the now-retired Mistress of IML, was closely involved with running International Mr. Leather for ten years. Active in Chicago’s pansexual leather community, as well as respected and welcomed in all the wonderfully diverse subsets of our community, Mistress Joanne has presented workshops and seminars, has judged leather contests, has volunteered with the Leather Archives and Museum, and was chosen Pantheon of Leather’s 1999 Woman of the Year. Mistress Joanne served a term on the Administrative Board of Chicago Hellfire Club’s McAdory Fund, the first female to hold a position affiliated with CHC, and is very proud that CHC named her an official Friend of the Club, the first leatherwoman so honored. The Slater Society, a pansexual fisting society created in 2002, is Mistress Joanne’s passion; she is its “Founding Fist”! In addition, she has served on the board of directors of Chicago House, the local NAMES Project chapter, and Mensa of Illinois.

Karen McGee – Judge

Karen McGee – Ms World Leather 2002.

Karen has been active in the HIV services field for 15 years and two years ago expanded her caring hands to the homeless, those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Her list of credits include being a founding member of six HIV/AIDS related health service groups, and more recently “A Leather Day of Caring”. She has been active in the North Florida Leather community for over 14 years, contributing in various ways to educate the leather community in issues regarding HIV/AIDS.

Karen is the current president of Code 12 Jax Leather Levi Club.

Dean Ogren – Judge

During his year as American Leatherman 2000, Dean Ogren traveled extensively, assisting event producers presenting workshops at Tribal Fire, and simply being social. Pantheon of Leather’s 1999 Midwest Regional award-winner, Dean has been active in the leather/SM community for over sixteen years. He is a proud member of the Class of 2002 IML contestants and was thrilled to make the top 20 of 66 contestants so that his message of how he feels about his community could be heard. Chicago’s Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame inducted Dean in 1998, recognizing his many volunteer labors of love on behalf of: The NAMES Project, Open Hand Chicago, several other notable organizations, and political activism. In 1996 Dean was nominated for the prestigious Jefferson Award, a national volunteer recognition award and Open Hand Chicago honored Dean with the Food for Life award for an individual that has made a significant impact on the clients that Open Hand serves.

jefpup – Judges’ pup

jefpup is Sir Michael’s pup of more than 5 years. A co-founder of, jefpup hails from Southern California and now calls Columbus, OH home where he makes his living in the real estate industry.

He is a member of the Los Angeles boys of Leather and spends his (far too infrequent) free time with his family, Sir Michael & boy chuck.

He can be reached on


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