International Puppy Contest 2002

International Puppy Contest 2002

September 8, 2002 Off By Tycho Aurora

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Event: International Puppy Contest
Time: 6 – 8 – September – 2002
Location: Houston, TX, USA

Excerpt from the Defunct website (October 27 2001)

The Lone-Star Boys of Leather present The International Puppy Contest 2002. September 6-8, 2002. Houston, TX

Excerpt from the Defunct website (Feb 12 2003)

By Sir Michael,

Houston let the dogs out for the weekend of 6-8 September as the Lone-Star boys of Leather (LSboL) and Leatherpup Productions hosted the second annual International Puppy Contest.

The weekend was packed with cocktail parties hosted by Houston-based clubs and several 50/50 raffles. During the course of the weekend, the LSboL raised over $1,800 for the Houston Buyers Club and the Welcome Home programs. A weekend of cocktail parties (what would Houston be without alcohol!), events, vendors, and most importantly leather fellowship was shared by hundreds in attendance at the weekend events, which ran from the welcoming pool party on Thursday night through the awards ceremony on Sunday afternoon.

I can honestly say that the most moving ceremony I’ve attended in a long time was Saturday afternoon’s dual collaring and joining of Houses, as Master Roy Hendrick and Master Ron Zimmerman collared their boys, boy patrick and slaveboy tony, and then committed their Houses to join as one. I feel honored to have been one of the Leather Tribe in attendance at this sacred event.

The centerpiece of the weekend was the 2002 International Puppy Contest. Presenting perhaps the most perfect example of human pup and Trainer working as a team, the contest winners were Pup Tim and Master Skip of Los Angeles.

Judges came from across the country for the event, and included Master Steve Sampson of Butchmann’s Academy and International Master 2000, International Mr. Leather 2002 Stephen Weber, Mr. Texas Everything Ken Claude, Ms. World Leather 2002 Karen McGee, South Central leatherboy 2002 boytim, International Drummerboy 2001 mark greene, International Drummerboy 1999 woodie barnes, and’s own Sir Michael Daniels.

Throughout the weekend, filmmaker Antonia Kao and her director of photography, Bryan Donnell were shooting for her upcoming documentary on human pup play.

Host bars for the weekend included Mary’s, Pacific Street, the Ripcord, and the 611, with the bar spirit award going to The 611. Cocktail parties were hosted by virtually all of Houston’s leather community, including RSICSS, The Nomads, Houston Area Bears, Texas Leather & Lace, WIPSociety, the Dallas boys of Leather, the Rainbow Wranglers, HPEP, The Misfits, Brotherhood of Pain, The Colt 45s, NLA Houston, The Wretches, Sundance Cattle Company, The Meatrack, Red Flags of Texas, and the Imperial Court of Houston, with ICOH receiving the best cocktail party award.

The weekend club spirit award went to The Nomads. The puppy tramp award was deservedly won by cumpuppy gregory (left) of Los Angeles.

The Founders Award for outstanding service to the Lone Star boys of Leather was presented to the stunning, incredible Miss SoFonda St. John (right).

Excerpt from the Defunct website (April 05 2003)

Message from International Puppy 2002. Pup Tim.

Words would be too great for me to fully thank everyone that gave so much for the International Puppy Contest in Houston. A wonderful energy and good time was prevalent the entire weekend. I have to give special thanks to boy patrick, who I admire and respect greatly. His intentions for the contest are meritorious and he is truly a blessing to the leather community. Boys like boy patrick are absolutely boys we can cherish. The Lone Star Boys (and bois) have created a model of joy, love, and service that I trust will spread to many areas of our population. I am glad that my boy, who has returned to Texas, is being exposed to such good folk.

The assembly of judges was amazing, and I dare not write on each judge by name, as they were ominous collectively and individually. Nevertheless, I want to acknowledge that they are exceptional leaders, from across the country, and I want to express my appreciation for their efforts in supporting the human canine, IPC, as well as the leather communities. Indeed, our community does not stop at our own city limits. An assembly such as the people at IPC demonstrates the diversity and support the leather tribe is capable of.

I am proud to be associated with the quality of people I met at the IPC. I find myself humbled by the good will and open hearts of the people I met. I promise to support the community, and represent it, as best I am able. Especially during this next year, 2003. Finally, I want to thank my Master,
who is supportive and loving. He offers me many examples of ways to live, and as I live as myself, I appreciate his support and blessings.

So, while I start in as International Pup, I hope that I am able to help it grow, and even more so, I hope to help other pups feel good about the great energy a pup carries in their hearts. After the grace I felt during the
contest weekend, I believe that there is a significant amount of support for our pack, and I appreciate all the good words!

Pup Tim

Pup Tim’s pedigree – as presented at the contest:

As I sit to write this, it is hard to believe it has been almost six years since I was born. I remember it like it was yesterday, when I asserted myself at the dinner table, pressing my four brothers and three sisters out of the way. They all knew which nipple was mine to chew and drink from. To this day, I like to chew nipples.

As I grew, I wanted to see the world on my own, and so I jumped the fence. I traveled about, with no collar and little responsibility, and found that I did not have to lick myself very often, as others were more than willing to do that for me. What a world it was!

When I was about four, I met my Handler (my Master), who embraced my Alpha nature. He helped me find the right balance between aggression and protection. He entered me in the Academy, where I met other German Shepherds. Soon I was head of my class! Leading the way through the obstacle course, I would sometimes stop short, causing a wet nose to land right where it was supposed to be. Many nights we would sneak out of the kennel and wander the streets, marking our territory. I would drink a gallon or more of water, to get ready for those nights.

One night we went to a bar on the edge of town, where we noticed most of the other pups had no collars. That was my first time in a stray bar…and I liked it. So I went back, and they became my first pack.

The first time my Handler instructed me to sit, I already knew what he meant. I had taught many of the humans I had been exposed to the same thing. Humans run about a lot and need to stop and sit more. Whenever I travel (and I hope to travel a lot more), I look for ways to leave my mark. My advice to the human breed is to relax, drink lots of water and, because your mark on the world will fade, keep on trying to make it.

So here I am. I love my Handler and the people I am allowed to protect and serve. I am loyal to those who touch me. I trust that my light heart helps them see that I am not all teeth, leather, and fighting fur. I enjoy other breeds and, as I observe things from my unique perspective (three feet above the ground), I see that even cats have a place in this world.

I encourage everyone to enjoy our diversity, because each of us has special skills that benefit the pack, even cats. As long as my Master scratches my ears, I will be the companion he needs during those times when only a pup will do. I will be your best friend, whenever you need me, or have a biscuit. This is the city…My name is Pup Tim…I’m a Police Dog.

Photos from the Defunct website

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