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I have too Brian Thingvold, and a female pup was in my class on Friday. She wasn’t going to ask but found the courage to do so, about females in puppy play. Her question is how she should handle being a female in a predominantly male community and how there are some pups who will not even associate with her because she’s female. My answer to begin with was are these the people you want to be around? First and foremost, we need to associate ourselves with those who care about us and accept us. Secondly when you get...

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SafePup Certification

In January, I held a class on Social Anxiety, Anxiety Attacks, and Panic attacks to a group of puppies here in Chicago, Illinois. In the group was Dick, a puppy known as Pup Angel. He watched the class intently. This was not the normal class that puppies normally attend. This was a way to start a conversation in our community regarding issues that hit close to home for many of us. I started the class with an introduction to the presenters which included myself, another pup/bootblack and a Therapist who has a background and knowledge of the community. We...

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I’m a Puppy…Now What Revisited a Year Later

One year ago today, I wrote I’m a puppy…now what part one, which detailed my journey into the start of puppy play. I chose to revisit it today because a lot has changed in my life. I’ve moved, I’ve started a pack, I’ve been collared by an amazing Sir. And most importantly I’ve CHANGED. This is important to talk about because as we enter into our journey we can see ourselves in one way and as we develop along the road we take, we become something much more than what we could have ever anticipated. When I wrote this article a year ago I never would have imagined the notoriety that I have gotten this last year. I didn’t expect to become a teacher, mentor, alpha, or more to so many people in my life.  I have grown over the last year and will continue to grow and learn, and am happy to do so. I look back at my answers below and see things that I felt in the moment with Mark, who I will again say helped to mold me and make the person I am today in the kink community.  When I posted this article originally I was not sure that it would reach people the way that it has.  The article has been viewed nearly 10,000 times on three websites.  I am humbled by the...

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