April 10, 2017 Off By Alpha Bayard

I have too Brian Thingvold, and a female pup was in my class on Friday. She wasn’t going to ask but found the courage to do so, about females in puppy play.

Her question is how she should handle being a female in a predominantly male community and how there are some pups who will not even associate with her because she’s female.

My answer to begin with was are these the people you want to be around? First and foremost, we need to associate ourselves with those who care about us and accept us.

Secondly when you get hit with these situations find the nearest alpha, handler, friend and discuss your feelings and don’t bottle them up.

Finally look around our puppy community, we have female identified puppies popping out of the wood work everywhere.

Our last international puppy ( Crystal Downey), two puppies (Danielle Chizm) ran for Indiana puppy and one of them won it (pup princess aka Danielle Fuller), handlers are all over the place like Caressa Lyric Dunn who is the current northwest handler.

Our community should always be fluid enough that no matter how you identify you should be welcome and feel welcome.

But like our straight and gay lives our kink lives can be filled with cliques and “mean girls” and we have to decide if we really want to sit at their table or make a table of our own!

I for one, have enjoyed starting my table and adding hundreds upon hundreds of chairs to it for everyone to sit at…

You don’t even have to ask for a chair, there’s a spot at “our” table for you already.

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