Our Road Map

Our Road Map

August 23, 2018 0 By Tycho Aurora

PupPlay.Info has been around for three years already and we’ve grown so much! But where is this growth going? We are reaching a major part of the grand plan so I thought its time we share what we have done so far and where we are going!

Some Goals We Have Achieved


This is here to help the community, not to line someones wallet. If its popular, it'll make money, so why not redirect that money into helping the community!

Advert Free

While advert could help the website expand even faster, I wanted to keep it as safe and secure to its members, as well leading by example that you don't need adverts on every website.

For the Community, By The Community

This site was never meant to house just one opinion or be a one-man-band. This website is a testament to unity by diversity. We have had countless article authors, volunteers and photography donations to the website over the years and hopefully will continue to.

Assisting Events To Form

Any money made through Nerdy Doggo has been returned back to the community via sponsoring events that continue our ethos of being inclusive to all genders, sexualities and body types. Some examples are assisting the founding of the national competition weekend in Australia and enabling some groups to be in some pride marches.

Gender Inclusive & Body Positive

As soon as someone tries to exclude groups or be "our way is the right way" your instantly setting yourself to failure, this isn't how humanity works these days. We want to treat others how we want to be treated and inspire others to be supportive of alternative views. So why not we set ourselves to this example to inspire others.

300% Carbon Negative

We aren't only just carbon neutral but were carbon negative. Our web server host was chosen for its certified green energy policy.

Our Timeline of Major Events

Here I have created a little timeline of milestones of major elements we have launched over the years. 

Launching PupPlay.Info (Q4 2015)

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Launching Nerdy Doggo (Q2 2016)

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Launching Pup Play Archives (Q3 2017)

A lot of misconceptions are out there of the origins and general history and makeup of our community. So instead of trying to correct people or share just another singular account. We started the community archives similar to the leather archives to present research and a go-to place for facts in an unbiased way.

Canis Minor Book Cover

Nerdy Doggo Research Project (Q1-4 2017)

Over 1,700 participants from all continents (except Antarctica) over 10 months contributed to over 50 pages of tabled data, this also had the first ever analytical exploration of trans members, female members and straight community members. A free e-Book became available to all to learn more about the results and use them to help form resources and inform decision makers for their local groups

Launching R18 Fetish Resources (Q1 2018)

At the start of 2018 we launched our R18 fetish resources. After Finding out in our research what the popular fetishes pups and handlers participated in, we started forming age-restricted content for sex-positive community members .

We Are Here

Redesign for Launching Phase 2 (2018)

After 3 years the website has hundreds of pages and hundreds of articles on countless topics. Sadly this means that we've reached the point that simple navigation is hard so its time to enact phase 2. This is a deep rebuild from the ground up to prepare for the standalone website launches

Standalone Website Launches (2018-9)

Pup Play Community Archives and Nerdy Doggo project will become stand-alone websites, shortly followed by the general fetish resources becoming standalone later in 2019. PupPlay.Info will be under the Nerdy Doggo Network of non-profit for-community websites which will still have the same values and ethos as it always has. Things here wont change much here, but the information will definitely become much easier to navigate.

We have had a few people confused with what PupPlay.info has turned into, what it is working towards and general purpose in the community, and rightly so. As its founder i lost track of the “About Us” page a few times there *blushes* 

I have been under the weather with several major life-changing medical issues during 2018 and while on the outside it may seem quiet, things haven’t actually slowed down; just more foundational work has been worked on.

I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions: please sign-in and leave a comment and I will reply as soon as I can.