I would like to welcome you to my journal series of training a human pup. I have a few goals with it that I would like to share. Its primary aim is not only to share my experiences of forming a bond with a fellow human pup but also to showcase healthy ideas, concepts and advice on how to train and how to be trained. This will never be a “you must do X,Y and Z” but to help those that don’t have the experience to see one of the many ways to train and be trained and I hope it helps you find the style of pup play you are seeking, either something similar or something completely opposite.

I would like to introduce Pup Zeke, We hit off really well and we found a good mutual understanding with a pup/handler dynamic. He’s ambitious but really cheeky at the same time, which will be a challenge and lots of fun at the same time. These journal entries will not be too regular but new entries will be posted as things develop but over time I hope it can become a resource for people who want to learn what to consider and how to create their own style of not only being a trainer but what to consider when you are looking for a handler/trainer.