PupPlay.Info Style Manual

PupPlay.Info Style Manual

March 9, 2017 Off By Tycho Aurora

Version 1.2- August 2019

Want to Contribute?

We are always looking for more volunteers and contributors, if you want to write anarticle, let us know at nerdy.doggo(at)gmail.com and someone can upload it on your behalf. Your article must include the following:

  1. Follow the rules in this style manual
  2. Include at the end of your article a brief explanation of who you are as the author of the article.
  3. Your welcome to add a link to your credit to a SFW social media account (twitter, facebook, instagram e.t.c)

Once it is submitted, if it is approved; it would only be edited to improve any spelling or grammar issues and once published; you cannot change or update it.

Basic Structure

Best size of an article is when its long enough to read on a phone on the way to work. So, if it can be read in 5 minutes, then its a good length, we aren’t strict on exact word count. Simple paragraph structures are recommended and your more than welcome to add bullet points and lists.

Sex Advice, BDSM & R18 Topics

These are now allowed on the site but must have prior approval before being published publicly to make sure there is the appropriate R18 consent popup enabled for the article.

Blacklisted Topics

We do not allow topics about illegal activities and topics that promote unsafe practices, these include the obvious like bestiality for example. Please respect the wishes of groups out there who do not wish to have their content redristributed (for example, ECKC, Sirius Pups & Pup Safe Project)

Defamations, Accusations & Shaming

We do not allow anyone publishing content to have in their articles any form of defamation, accusation & shaming towards any persons or groups. We choose drama to be a choice, so choose not to be dramatic please.

Article Contributors

If anyone has helped you write an article, some mention in some way should be made in the article or at the end. Please don’t place it at the start as it interferes on search results.

Image Contributions

Images already in the media library have already been asked by the copyright owners to be on the website. If you have new images that you wish to have on the website, you must have permission of the copyright owner of the image, they must be okay with no direct link in every image captions, we have too many images to worry about who needs and who doesn’t need them. Please make sure you add their name into the image filename to maintain a record of the origin of its copyright. Images are removed if the original copyright owner who gave permission to have them on the site decides to revoke it. If they decide this, then it wont be used in future articles. We don’t have the resources or time to remove them from previous articles.

Archiving Contributions

We are major supporters of retaining information about our community, We are trying to archive articles, discussions and content created by the greater community. Here are some guidelines.

  1. You MUST link to the original source, whether its an active link or not. If you cannot find the original source, you still must declare that you cannot find it. Someone can contact us if they discover the original source.
  2. In Discussions, especially with Facebook debates, Names must be abbreviated to Initials to protect privacy
  3. Must have a link and accrediting to the original article/post/discussions at the end of the article.

Facebook Statuses

You are allowed to Re publish Facebook statuses for achiving under these conditions

  1. They must be educational
  2. Follow all previous rules
  3. Must be either a public viewable post or received permission to post it.
  4. Have a disclaimer that its original source is from facebook with a direct url link to it.