Song: Your loyal pup

Song: Your loyal pup

November 22, 2016 Off By Community Articles

Hi all, this isn’t just another little pup song, it’s actually a poem written by Saber! Some people asked (read: insisted) me to put some of his work into a song, so here’s one of them. *wags*
Let me know what you think and I’d love to hear some suggestions for the next video. ^_^


Here you find me on all fours
And you know this pup is yours
I’ve been longing for you
And I sense it, you do too

Wagging, I jump up, paws on your chest
And you know, this is what I do best
Begging, hug me tight, and hold me dear
That makes a happy pup, without fear

I am yours, your loyal pup
Always in for a belly rub
I’m yours to tempt into submission
This longing stare is my admission