This is About Puppy PLAY…not DOGma.

This is About Puppy PLAY…not DOGma.

September 19, 2016 Off By Community Articles

Important Puppy Stuff

#1. There is NO universal protocol for pup & handler play. Protocols for any role play are 100% the domain of the individuals involved. Whatever they negotiate & agree upon is valid, and NOBODY outside of that role play has the authority to interfere, judge, or even comment unless there is an obvious safety issue.

#2. There is NO “official” puppy flag (yet). Many groups have their own banners. There is NO group or individual with the authority to make such a decision on behalf of everyone else; and as far as I know nobody has yet put forward an idea for an official flag to the greater community to be decided upon.

#3. There is NO separation of sex or BDSM from pup & handler play unless some individual wishes it to be so in their own play. NOBODY has the right to push their own hangups or preferences onto other consenting adults.

#4. There is NO one story which is the basis for a singular history of all puppy play. People have been pretending to be dogs & wolves for thousands of years. People have been treating other people as pets for nearly as long. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is being a self-serving revisionist…and an idiot.

Please keep your “holier than thou” & “Respect My Authoritay!!” bullshit to yourself. This is about puppy PLAY…not DOGma.

NOBODY speaks for the entire pup & handler community worldwide.

Not even me.

Written by Paul Argo with Black Eagle Kennel Klub