Who is Allowed to Reach Out and be a Mentor?

Who is Allowed to Reach Out and be a Mentor?

April 16, 2016 Off By Tycho Aurora


This could very easily be on a pup or Handler’s mind when reaching out to another pup/Handler and also wanting to do more for the pup community.

It is easy to quickly tell yourself you need to hold a certain position, have a title, be involved in the community for a set number of years, etc… thus dissuading yourself from reaching out to others and the community. Anyone is allowed to reach out, support the community, and be a mentor. It is not subjected to age, sex, sexual orientation, race, years spent in community, etc…

The greatest asset and requirement a mentor should have is the love, honesty and willingness to reach out to another with the upmost sincerity. Be willing to educate yourself and be informed, know your resources, understand the wants and needs of the mentoree, and open yourself up and listen to one another. As a mentor, you won’t always be a perfect fit to a mentoree. It is no different than a puppy being collared to a Handler for example. Everyone is different in their own way and has different approaches, mindsets and views, which one mentor might be able facilitate and connect with over another. It doesn’t mean in any way that you are a good or bad mentor.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and extend that hand/paw! Instead, take pride in the community and your initiative, and be the best damn mentor you can be to others!

Written by the PAH’s Without Borders Facebook Page