Being Submissive

Being Submissive

April 11, 2016 Off By Tycho Aurora

Written by Pup Amp

A note to anyone who sends me anonymous PMs or just anyone in the kink community in general.

I’m a submissive in many aspects of my sexual activities and adventures. As a submissive, this does not mean I have no backbone, intellect or even a say in how my body is treated. The shoots, pictures and videos I post are done with my consent and posted here because I enjoy sharing my adventures in hopes that people enjoy them and, in turn, live out their own adventures. You cannot demand more. That’s now how a blog works.

As a submissive I hold the power over who I choose to have sex with. Similarly, as a submissive my collar means a lot to me and so when you say “it’s a shame that you’re collared” I find it super disrespectful of myself and my relationship with my Daddy that I never shameful for. So don’t assume that being submissive means you can demand pictures of a boys “pussy” or tell them they a “real man” like yourself. Any self respecting leather man understands that respect, trust and actual consideration for another person and their feelings makes them a real man.

For me, being submissive is many things that you might find weak or laughable. But that’s the nice thing about expression, I choose how I submit, who I submit to and how I express myself, so your insults or mockery are simply wasted. Submissives are the ones [generally] risking their bodies a tad more in order to fulfill scenes, so show respect for them, tell them there doing a good job and appreciate them 🐶❤️

Also I just generally dislike the word “pussy” for a guys butt. No disrespect for my female friends, but It’s an ass or asshole. Call it what it is 😂. Much love and thank you for everyone who shows respect when sending messages. I truly appreciate them. 🐶❤️