Wildlife Refuge 2001: Puppy Archive

Wildlife Refuge 2001: Puppy Archive

July 29, 2001 Off By Tycho Aurora

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Event: Wildlife Refuge 2001
Time: 26 – 29 – July -2001
Location: Fennville, MI, USA
Source: Leatherdog.com (Defunct)

Wildlife Refuge is a group of regular guys who get together for a weekend of uninhibited fun and camping. There are no requirements or limitations except, of course, safe, sane and consensual behavior and respect for the wishes of others. Our group has guys with interests from mild to wild, vanilla to kinky, leather, bears, leatherDOGs/pups, boys, Masters, pigs, uniforms, fetish … We all get together for Rest, Relaxation and ‘Recreation’ for an entire weekend in a completely natural and “Free to Be Myself” environment.

Our group consists of normal every day guys who get together for a weekend of fun, fantasy and relaxation … this event is not just for the circuit party crowd, it’s for everyone! Leave your attitudes at the bar) … a perfect opportunity to experiment and explore your fantasies in a safe and natural environment!!!

Wildlife Refuge 2001 has linked with the creators of LeatherDOG.com for additional activities, including a LeatherDOG show and demonstrations of related and SM activities for Gay Masters and their leather dogs/pups, and others who are interested. This will be an exciting addition to this years event and will provide a weekend long, outdoors, anything goes atmosphere for those who would like to explore this leather related fetish fantasy. The LeatherDOG fetish is a Master/slave related fetish with a fun “twist” … it does NOT involve actual dogs or animals, just the assumption of those roles by willing bottom guys with their Masters.

A separate “kennel area” will be available for those who want to play in “dog mode” all weekend long!

We will also be having a LeatherDOG show on Saturday night as a culmination of other related activities, including seminars and demonstrations, earlier in the weekend. The show will include LeatherDOG’s and their Masters competing to qualify as LeatherDOGs. Additional information will be posted soon … you will be able to register for the LeatherDOG show when you register.

Only the first 150 registrants will be accepted, and registration begins on 1 April 2001!

Excerpt from the Defunct Leatherdog.com website (April 12 2001)

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