Gear Not Essential?

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Types Of Materials

There are many types of material used in pup play, but none moreso than these three, here’s a brief blurb about each of them.


With the pup community having roots in the Leather BDSM community there is a strong call to pups to keep using leather. While can be quite durable, its rigidity can be a hindrance.


That comfortable middle ground, with the fabric soft but having substance and can be shiny while also being padded and more strength than rubber or latex gear can have. Best place for newcomers to begin as it can help them either choose to stay with neoprene but also make well informed decisions if they want to move towards leather or rubber.


Slick & Shiny!!

Gear Care

We have a whole page of videos and advice on how to take care of the different materials and more content added regularly. You can check it out at the page Gear Care


Types of Gear