About PupPlay.Info

 This website since its inception in 2016 has become the go-to website for all things pup play, from the basics for newcomers to advice and opinions to inspire those with serious ambition.

This website is not to be taken as a rule-book. This is designed to inspire pups to be the pup they want to become and find resources to help them reach where they want to go in the pup scene

Nerdy Doggo Mission Statement

We strive to share and provide ideas, concepts, opinions and opportunities for animal role-play in an unbiased way with a safe environment for users to explore their own identity.

What Has Nerdy Doggo Done So Far?

Nerdy Doggo was created in January 2016 and focuses not only on internet-based projects but also events and assisting in the creation of other groups, here’s a brief list of major accomplishments.

  • Creation of biannual community research which is assisting universities create their own in-depth research. (And is currently the largest project of its kind of the community by an order of magnitude larger than the next)
  • Assisted South Australia and Western Australia states to create their own independent PaH groups
  • Helped create the first and second annual Australian Pup and Handler Competition (which is now owned and run independently by the Australian pup community)
  • Have run over a dozen workshops across Australia and the United States on topics ranging from chainmail building, to Community History to handler 101’s and more.
  • Have run 4 fetish events in Australia to give pups and handlers that are more the sexual end of the spectrum of styles a venue to express and enjoy themselves.
  • Creation and ongoing maintenance of the Pupplay.Info Website. That houses content that is only free-for-all because misinformation and hiding facts only leads to hurt.
  • Creation and ongoing maintenance of the Pup Play Community History Archives Website. That houses content that is only free-for-all because misinformation and hiding facts only leads to hurt.

What Nerdy Doggo Isn’t?

  • We are not a business. No one from the founder to each volunteer, draws any personal income from this.
  • We will not sell anything directly to you. (This is why you have never seen or will see a shopping cart, checkout or payment system installed into the websites Nerdy Doggo run.
  • We do not pay for content and do not get paid to put in content. Any content added is created, moderated and maintained by volunteers only.
  • We are not an “online” community, our non-profit group members are real people, creating real impact on the world. We let social media like groups on Facebook and online communities like Puppy Pride do the online community hosting, there is no point for us to create our own fenced off community as well. This is why we don’t have forums, blogs and community functionality.
  • We are not paid by companies to promote their products. Do you see any adverts? nope! (Your welcome to disable your adblocker even to check) Dare you to find any. We are strict about this because we don’t want you to worry in any way about keeping your privacy safe. We would rather shut down the whole group than turn this into a sell-out.

For The Community, By The Community

No one in the community can assume they are an expert and we strive to have information and ideas that can help anyone that has an open mind. We try our best to gather information and experiences from across the community and compile them into one place so the content is not biased to one persons experiences but to have content made by the entire community to inspire those who are curious and those who are also long time veterans to animal role-play.

There is no “Right” Way With Pup Play

The beauty of pet play lies both in the customisation as well as personalisation of the experience. There is no how-to guide or manual besides the unrestricted imagination of the puppy, as it should be. The input of the Master facilitates this imaginative setting and allows for the puppy to express the underlying primitive nature of him/herself that only further rewards the Master with unconditional love and stability. In exchange for the foundation the Master provides, the puppy relinquishes an agreed upon amount of control and freedom in order to foster this relationship and environment. Besides these basic premises to puppy play, there is no constraints or limitations that should ever exist. Can a puppy wear a diaper? Should there be a sexual relationship between Master and puppy? Does a puppy have to be limited in clothing to experience a full “mindset” experience? Do I need a Master to be a puppy?

No limitation can ever be put on your fetish and imagination. Your comfort is a gauge of both your expectations as well as an internal subconscious signal about how you can best create a pleasing mindset for yourself. By putting limits on a fetish, you put restrictions on your experience and serve the design of another, which never should be the case. In a group context, the above declarations remain the same. No one can judge you, nor should they. The strong Alpha human puppy stands by any puppy that both respects himself and others as well as creates his own experience in a play environment. The Beta follows likewise. As does the Omega. Never concede the right to create your own experience. It’s your fetish, no amount of time or knowledge can erase that fact.