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Puppy Community Archive

This non-profit project is the Leather Archives equivalent to the human pup play community. Where we research and collate information about our community as it stands today and where it has been. From oral history to recording experiences inside regional groups, competitions and much more. This is our history and should be preserved for future puppies and handlers to access and explore. We hope that having this in as a one-stop-shop we can connect everything together to help visitors be more informed about our vibrant and diverse community.

Community Awards

Who’s been a good pup? A list of known community awards that have been given out over the years and information about the winners and what they have accomplished in the community

Human Pup Play Books

A list of all known books in-print and out of print that focuses on something about human pup play. and information to help you find them.

Community Clubs

A list of all known groups (PAH’s, Kennel Clubs e.t.c) that currently exist and also have been recorded for posterity with information on how to contact them, photos, how they are run, major milestones of the groups and information about their leadership paste and present.

Community Contests

A list of all known contests, titleholders and related events to look back on and see what our community titleholders have and are doing for our community.

Community Documentaries

A list of all known documentaries filmed and released to the public over the years, find out who made them, how they were received and where you can find them.

Community Magazines & Notable Media Articles

Explore what magazines about pup play have been released over the years, where to find them and how they were received.

Mainstream Media

Explore what the mainstream media has said and written about human pup play over the years. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Major Events

Check out what major annual regional, national and international events have happened in the past.

Oral History

Text, audio or video interviews from people in our community showcasing the wide diversity we have.

Pride Marches & Major Festival Photo Galleries

From Folsom to Antwerp Pride, to Sydney Mardi Gras. Check out how pups have celebrated themselves across the world.

Community Resources

A collection of miscellaneous resources about our community. Websites, Timelines, Infographics and more.


A collection of timelines about different topics within our community.