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Support PupPlay.Info With Nerdy Doggo Gear

PupPlay.Info is a non-profit project but it still takes money to keep it advert-free and making more resources for pups and handlers of all shapes and sizes. We don’t push for handouts much but if you want to support us. Please consider getting some Nerdy Doggo merchandise. All profits of Nerdy Doggo gear get returned to the website for more resources and events for the community!

You can see what we have at the link below

Brands We Have In Our Gear Library

 Mr S Leather
Wruff Stuff
Cellblock 13
Nerdy Doggo
Gear SF
Wolfstryker Leather
Doghouse Leather
Army of Men
Mister B
Eagle Leather

Are We Missing A Brand? If you find a brand missing you can let us know at nerdy.doggo(at)gmail(dot)com. Please note that small-scale print on demand and local products not sold internationally have their own category.

None of these products are sold on this website. These are approximate prices. Each product has a direct link to the original product seller.