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Nerdy Doggo Shirt

Nerdy Doggo Shirt Sold By Nerdy Doggo ~AUD$34.00 Nerdy Doggo has been designed for their...

Latex Allergies at a Mosh

how do people deal with severe latex allergies in terms of hosting a mosh? CM: It's a personal choice but, if the latex items are chlorinated this makes the item easier to wear and not only that but helps a lot with latex allergies for yourself and others. My...



The Symbols are Not the Arrival

When I began exploring leather in my early twenties I was of course very drawn to becoming a collared boy to someone. Yes, I was having an abundant amount of play experiences, but I was really hungry for something more secure. I wanted to feel like a Sir’s property,...

What a Collar Can Mean

Collars are very symbolic things. Sacred. Important. Special. And NEVER something that should be given without a clear understanding of what it means, by all parties involved.  If you EVER give a collar to someone you better be completely clear on what it means and...

Different Types of Collars and Their Meanings

What is collaring? Collaring is the moment that shows that a sub has completed their training and their relationship with their Dom has been taken to a new level. If you can think of consideration and training collars as engagement rings, the ownership collar is...

Dont Rush The Collar

Anything worth having is worth waiting for. More importantly, it’s worth working both toward and to maintain. When something has value beyond simply its appearance, its meaning goes deep and we do those things we need to do to preserve that meaning and, hopefully,...

Returning Gear

When a handler and a pup split ways mutually, is it common practice for the pup to give back items (toys, collars, leashes, etc) that the handler gifted them?  CJ: "Common"...

Wearing a Collar Without a Handler?

For those who don't have a handler, do you still wear a puppy collar of your own? BS: I...

3 collar system

This is the collaring system I was trained to use and still use it today. Boo currently wears a Formal Collar. While wearing a collar you got for yourself in the puppy community is widely accepted, being collared by someone is something serious that should not be...


Frisky Rubber Pup Hood Review


Multiple Hoods

Do a lot of pups own multiple hoods? How do you feel about pups who do? Are there any rules or reason why you do or don't? DS: I have several hoods that I use in different settings - I have a full leather one matched to my "puppy leathers". I have a neoprene...


K9 Padded Pup Mitts Review



The golden rule for female pup gear? Go with whatever makes you feel comfortable!



Show Tail Review


Woofy Show Tail


Insertable Tails

I see a lot of pups wearing their tails at Mosh's and events. Does wearing an insertable tail with harness feel comfortable? And how long would you wear it for?  KM: Most people agree that a only show tails that attach to a belt or something should be used....

Fur Tails

Has anyone been playing with fur tails? CS: Such an adorable pup. Woof! 😍. I own a...



Coloured Hoods & The Hanky Code.

  'The Handkerchief Code' (most commonly referred to as 'The hanky code') is a colour-coded system used commonly by gay and bisexual men. The bearer of the handkerchief uses the coloured handkerchief, in order to flag and indicate a sexual interest or fetish. The...




History of Pup Pride Flags

Doberman Pup Pride Flag Kind of the oldest known examples of a flag to represent the pup play community. This is still used in similar versions like the Gaydogtraining group in france for example. Not much is known from the original designer or who it was other than...




Returning Gear

When a handler and a pup split ways mutually, is it common practice for the pup to give back items (toys, collars, leashes, etc) that the handler gifted them?  CJ: "Common"...

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