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“Some men just want to watch the world burn…” This has been the sad reality of the puppy community. I’ve seen so many pups step up to try and get a foothold to make things better for the throngs of new pups that have surfaced recently. They’re met with scorn and scoff from a community that doesn’t know the ground it stands on. I’ve heard so many puppies criticize what exists now. They jump in and attack that which they do not understand. They’re quick to criticize and slow to listen. They seek out the weak and pounce as...

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Admitting Some Misogyny

  Bet I threw you off with my title didn’t I? Well, let me start back at the beginning.   As a child, my mother and I were best friends. It seems to be a common story among gay male children (or at least that’s been my experience so far). I would go grocery shopping with her, she introduced me to the symphony (I later learned to play the violin and upright bass), she took me to the theatre, to dance recitals, and introduced me to a world where I finally felt like I belonged. Prior to that, the...

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Bring Them In

Have you ever been new before? It’s kind of terrifying and at the same time exciting. You build yourself up to meet new people, learn new rules and just try to get a lay of the land. After all, basically every new thing has some sort of social rules that you have to navigate. There are cultures and sub-cultures, not to mention so many different personalities to navigate. This is where some confusion seems to happen. There are parts of the puppy community that think it’s the newcomers job to introduce themselves and ingratiate themselves upon the old-timers. Well…it’s not. To...

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