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Sexual Consent, Bullying, Disabilities & Social Awareness.

Most pups attend pup events, kink clubs or social gatherings to escape the hardships of their every day life. Whether a pup is new to the community or a regular attendee at an event, an event is a place where a pup can meet other like minded individuals and offers a chance to play and explore their pup persona and head space. It doesn’t really matter if you attend as a regular, or it’s your first time, for some pups being at a pup event can cause anxiety, fear or distress. That’s why it’s important to really pay attention...

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Coloured Hoods & The Hanky Code.

  ‘The Handkerchief Code‘ (most commonly referred to as ‘The hanky code’) is a colour-coded system used commonly by gay and bisexual men. The bearer of the handkerchief uses the coloured handkerchief, in order to flag and indicate a sexual interest or fetish. The earliest act dates back to as early as 1970, but is still widely used to this present day. In retrospective, the act was (and is) used to be as bold and efficient as possible. A breakdown of some of the main colours used: Red – Fisting Yellow – Watersports Dark Blue – Fucking Orange –...

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