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Dont Rush The Collar

Anything worth having is worth waiting for. More importantly, it’s worth working both toward and to maintain. When something has value beyond simply its appearance, its meaning goes deep and we do those things we need to do to preserve that meaning and, hopefully, keep it true. When it comes to receiving a collar, I feel this is particularly the case. When a collar is presented to a pup by their Handler or Trainer, Daddy or Sir, even their Alpha, it means and symbolizes something deep and powerful. It’s not just a pretty chain with a lock and tag....

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A Take on Pup Identity

I want to take a moment to make clear my rationale for my position and feelings on pup identity. They’ve been brought to the fore a few times recently. They aren’t new, and those who have known me for awhile won’t be surprised. However, in the spirit of being transparent and avoiding misunderstanding, I’ll elaborate. Even though it wasn’t all that long ago (almost 10 years), when I first ventured into pup play, having connected with and determined to explore my own inner pup, it was a different time and environment. That which we know today as the contemporary...

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