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How Pup Play Helped Me Realize I’m Aromantic

“I hope I never get a boyfriend,” I said to my horrified mother one day in a car ride when I was a teenager. When she caught me in bed with a girl a year later, she joked that this is what I’d meant. It wasn’t. What I had meant all those years ago wouldn’t dawn on me until I was twenty-six. Against the onslaught of heteronormativity and enforced monogamy, pups fight just by existing. So many pups/Handlers are LGBT, and so many pups/Handlers are poly. A lot of them aren’t, but they’re steadfast allies. This subculture of rebellion...

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Autism & Puppy

Autism can be a dirty word when it comes to niche interests and smaller communities. Ableism should be the actual dirty word, but unfortunately we live in a society that devalues autistic brains and mocks communities that attract high numbers of autistic folk. I believe Puppy attracts people on the spectrum for many reasons that I’ll try to simplify: It has protocol. Autistic brains thrive on structure and order. Pupspace encourages you to communicate in a primal manner. Socializing in this way is much easier for autistic people who experience awkwardness and anxiety with typical verbal communication. The gear,...

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