Contributing & Donating

Written By Tycho Aurora

Want to Contribute?

Once you are ready to submit content, you can email me at nerdy.doggo(at) and ill add if it meets the Style Manual i’ll add it to the website and promote it through social media. If its a resource for the pup play community, then it most likely will be used.

If it isn’t a suitable topic then I will email you with a reason why and if i know an alternative place for you to publish, ill try to help where I can. Just keep in mind, first and foremost this is a resource, strategies and community history website for the pup play community, not somewhere to rant, politicise or spread hate speech. I’m not in the business of telling people what they cant do.

Want to Donate?

This website and all the events, groups and projects PupPlay.Info and Nerdy Doggo do are all funded by donations. I don’t draw an income from any of this. If you want to help keep the lights on, here are some ways to help out.

  • Purchasing Nerdy Doggo Merchandise from RedBubble gives a percentage of sales back to help keep the website advert free and the lights on.
  • If you want to make a direct donation, you can email me at nerdy.doggo(at) and i can arrange PayPal information to make sure the money stays assigned for this websites’ work.

If you want to find out how donations that have already been given has been used, i have a handy list at our Nerdy Doggo About Us Page

Want to Volunteer?

Volunteers are the lifeblood of all this. I am constantly looking for people of all shapes, sizes, ages and inclinations to help out. The best way to show people that they can have any healthy style of pup play that they want is to show people the awesome diversity in our community.

Please, email me if you want to become a regular resource writer or a journalist to record our community events and milestones.

A Letter from Tycho Aurora

I try my best to focus on the community but after all these years of running this website, I would like to share a few words. Firstly, thank you for enjoying my work, the content I create here has been a project of passion and my desire to want to help create more safe spaces. A lot of content here that has been created by countless volunteers would not have been possible without the community also supporting these goals and aspirations and I’m always feeling indebted to your help and just motivates me more to help out.

I have had a long history of helping out community groups over the years. From working with local governments on big projects to just giving new budding clubs a helping hand behind the scenes. I get a thrill and sense of accomplishment when I can inspire and uplift others to become the people they want to be. I have faith in humanity and we need more positive vibes in society, so I try as humanly as I can be set a positive example.

Something To Learn About Me More

Want to Help Tycho?

A while ago, well into my work in the pup play community, my life changed irrevocably and i am now a wheelchair-user. Disabilities are stubborn, not wished for and even in a country with universal healthcare… expensive. There is no requirement to help out but if you want to help with me getting mobility equipment to help improve my independence, you can via this paypal link below.