Contributing & Donating

Sadly, Active development of Nerdy Doggo and PupPlay.Info is coming to an end later in 2020. The lack of volunteers, the misinformation spread and severe lack of financial help to cover basic running costs beyond what our fundraising covers has meant that current development has been unsustainable for me to keep being involved. What this means is the resources here are going to become static but still freely accessible until the fundraising cant cover server costs. (I refuse to add advertising to protect users personal information)

This was never meant to be about me and definitely not a one-man-band. Personally I would rather motivate and inspire than control anyone.

I tried my best to take initiative to help people in the community and while it has helped many newcomers over the years learn about the fetish in a safe and sane way, I am sad to announce this but very happy that this new generation of volunteers in the community is taking things in a much more loving, caring, informed and inclusive way than things were in the past. here is some advice in a nutshell of how I have tried my best to help this community.

Keep helping others, treat everyone’s style of play with respect, respect peoples consent if they choose not to prescribe to your style. Whistle-blow bad behaviour to make them accountable for their actions but make sure you personally have proof prior if you get called out for it. Witch hunts hurt yourself as much as others involved. Take Initiative, you don’t need someone else’ permission to help others. There is so much diversity and love in this community but you need to search it out, it wont be given to you on a silver platter.

Want to Donate?

This website and all the events, groups and projects PupPlay.Info and Nerdy Doggo do are all funded by donations. I don’t draw any income from any of this. If you want to help keep the lights on, here are some ways to help out.

  • Purchasing Nerdy Doggo Merchandise from RedBubble gives a percentage of sales back to help keep the website advert free and the lights on.
  • If you want to make a direct donation, you can email me at nerdy.doggo(at) and i can arrange PayPal information to make sure the money stays assigned for this websites’ work.

If you want to find out how donations that have already been given has been used, i have a handy list at our Nerdy Doggo About Us Page

A Letter from Tycho Aurora

I try my best to focus on the community but after all these years of running this website, I would like to share a few words. Firstly, thank you for enjoying my work, the content I create here has been a project of passion and my desire to want to help create more safe spaces. A lot of content here that has been created by countless volunteers would not have been possible without the community also supporting these goals and aspirations and I’m always feeling indebted to your help and just motivates me more to help out.

I have had a long history of helping out community groups over the years. From working with local governments on big projects to just giving new budding clubs a helping hand behind the scenes. I get a thrill and sense of accomplishment when I can inspire and uplift others to become the people they want to be. I have faith in humanity and we need more positive vibes in society, so I try as humanly as I can be set a positive example.

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