Happy Puppy, Happy Life!

Happy Puppy, Happy Life!

August 21, 2017 Off By PuppygirlWillow

Hey pups, Handlers, and everyone else in between!

It’s me, Willow! I’m still alive! At least, when I checked this morning I was! Sorry I haven’t delivered the promised articles- I was in a bit of a dark spot and am starting to crawl out of it- so much so that I had an experience today that I would like to share with you all!

Today was Mosh day! I (most of the time) love mosh day, and look forward to getting together with all the awesome pups and handlers and even the cat! It’s the time I’m most able to let my hair down, and just be a pup with other pups! What could possibly be wrong with that? Today, I felt like I didn’t want to go to the mosh at all. Even the promise of a shiny new rope toy made for me by one of the awesome guys was not enough to get me out of bed and moving before midday. I have had an awful week, with lots of bad going on, and was feeling very angry at the world. I just didn’t want to deal with people…

With the support (i.e. stern words heh) of my Sir, I got up, got showered, and actually put on some clothes. Okay- feeling more human. Maybe just sitting and chatting would be good? Don’t NEED to pup out at a mosh… 

Drove to the venue (didn’t rage quit on the way), paid to go in and thought ‘oh, this is no going back now’. Saw all the pups playing, got hugs and greetings from people as I entered, went to put down my bag in a nice place to sit…. and put my collar on. Thought, oh hell, may as well put the tail on, no harm in that… why not put the hood on too? It can sit on my head… may as well do the mitts- don’t want to leave them in the bag by themselves…

It didn’t even take 5 minutes before I was on the floor, wagging my tail and barking greetings to all my friends. And suddenly… the world was alright. People were actually pups, life could be good and happy, and fun (and full of squeaky toys), and where there are belly rubs, there is nirvana. 

I wouldn’t usually write about something like this here- frankly, its all about information. But I found the drop into headspace so sudden, and so powerful, that I couldn’t help but feel my Golden enthusiasm slip in. People who appreciate me and play with me and enjoy the company of this pup, just as I appreciate and enjoy them- they were there, and they wanted me there too. 

Happiness is a thing I can feel- its why I identify as a Golden Retriever. Big, bouncy, goofy… and just a lover of everything that breathes (or squeaks)… or is edible. The whole body tail wag. It was back, and it didn’t matter if my housemate was a psycho, or if randoms on the internet were being trolls towards me. I am a pup, and there are my pup friends, and we will have fun!

I suppose the point of this story is- never underestimate the power of what pupping out with others can do. Even if you feel like you just don’t want to get out of bed, think… ‘what would my pup do?’…. and then find the nearest possum and chase it up a tree. 😉 

Thank you to my friends at VIC-PAH (and visitors). You don’t realise how much of an awesome job you did today, helping me more than I could have imagined. 

Also, Tycho and Sir Justin’s new book is going to be EPIC!!