Introducing VAC Pack

Introducing VAC Pack

May 23, 2017 Off By Community Articles

VAC Pack exists for the purpose of bridging the gap, removing stigmas, and finding commonality in the communities we love, be it Pup, Fur, Kink, or Leather through education and leadership. We believe in the value of individuality and we strive to break the mold in everything we do. Our entire foundation is based on not being the followers of everyone else. In July of this year we approached an individual that has demonstrated exceptional leadership ability as well as the qualities that amplify the purpose and mission of VAC to initiate the discussion of joining our Pack. Aside from being an amazing human, She identifies as a Service Dog and has been involved in Human Animal Role-playing since the late 90’s. She is a Furry, a Dog, and Leather-Woman. She brings knowledge, experience, and a set of unique qualities that parallel the purpose of VAC Pack.

It is with great pleasure to announce that on December 4th, 2016, Incus (Crystal) accepted our invitation to join VAC Pack as our Grande Dame.

Welcome to the Pack, Grande Dame Incus!

Hugs & Scritches,

Sir Pounder & Sir Roscoe “not like you”