Insertable Tails

Insertable Tails

May 13, 2017 Off By Community Articles

I see a lot of pups wearing their tails at Mosh’s and events. Does wearing an insertable tail with harness feel comfortable? And how long would you wear it for?

[box]  KM: Most people agree that a only show tails that attach to a belt or something should be used. Anything inserted runs a risk of causing harm. It can be accidently pulled at which can be very unpleasant.[/box]

[box] VA: I strongly advise pups to only wear a show tail if they’re going to wear a tail in a mosh. It’s more sanitary and less likely to cause injury if tugged on[/box]

[box] RT: Most pups normally wear a show tail on their belt for moshes and during events. Insterable tails are usually for home use and 1 on 1 handler time.[/box]

[box] CB: Totally agree. I have worn my insertable tail out with my tail harness from mr s for an evening 4-6 hours was fine. I would image moshing in the insertable wouldn’t be very comfortable.[/box]

[box] AR: Same here – 4-6 hours – but my tail harness attaches to my chest harness – its much more comfortable. Have had zero problems moshing with my plug tail – the tail harness provides the ass crack strap that makes it legal in public.[/box]

[box] BZ: Too many folks at moshes are negligent of boundaries and I had an inserted one at an event and some guys pull on it or wiggle it thinking that they were being playful or they could do it without asking because it was there and their logic deemed that wearing it meant I was open to ass play[/box]

[box] JH: I would like to wear my insertable to events while socializing and pupping about. With a harness of course[/box]

[box] GP: For events in a pup mosh, bar or other “non bedroom” space I prefer to wear the belt tails as the risk of tails either being pulled out or coming out at the wrong moment are too high.[/box]

[box] PR: I always had a real buttplug in 😈[/box]