Sexual or Social?

Sexual or Social?

March 16, 2017 Off By Community Articles

After getting mucked about by the weather reports.. About a storm that didn’t turn up.. I took myself for some pup play today.. And got thinking.. For those who are pups, how much pup play is sexual, and how much would be social / non-sexual, even if it’s kink-related..?? For me, playing as a pup, it’s 90% sexual in nature.. 10% social, emotional.. But others may be different.. So question for you… As a pup, are you mostly being sexual or social?? What’s your leaning??

[box]BE Says: but what is sexual. does flirting count as sexual, does touch count as sexual, does penetration alone count as sexual? I think flirting and touch would be counted as sexual, if they’re nearby, before or after actual sex… If nowhere near any actual sex, then I’d say more social than sexual.. So circumstances dictate..[/box]

[box]BE Says: 10% sexual[/box]

[box]JS Says: 20% sexual 80% not[/box]

[box]CM Says: My issue is pup play doesn’t have to be sexual but when I get into my full gear that gets my sexual drive partying. So I guess 30% sexual/70% social[/box]

[box]AC Says: I’m still learning.[/box]

[box]DM Says: Non sexual at all. In fact I’m pretty sure it would gross me out to be involved in something sexual during pup play.[/box]

[box]PD Says: Its hard to differentiate those things. As a pup, im really uninterested in penetrative sex or any kind of genital based stimulation, but simultaneously i really want to touch, sniff, lick and rub against other pups.[/box]

[box]BS Says: I find sex as a dog/pup to be fantastic. I can let my animal side out, be gentle and cuddly, or rough (sometime very rough). bite, get bitten, get roughed up, slapped, whipped etc, while letting my instincts react.[/box]

[box]BE Says: im the same way as you, but i live at home with my parents as do most people my age which makes sex tough, and most play parties arent sex on premises events.[/box]

[box]FD Says: It’s probably about 50/50 for me, personally. Usually I find I’m able to separate the two parts of it easily enough but it does all blur together sometimes. I love just being a pup non-sexually and just enjoying all of the fun and attention it gets[/box]

[box]MS Says: I tend to lean towards non sexual myself when i Pup. I find it pulls me out of pup space and throws me into sub space. But mind you that doesnt rule out a flogging or caning when im a naughty pup ^_^[/box]

[box]IV Says: It’s more non-sexual for me. But I don’t mind *some* sexual elements if it can work with the moment.[/box]

A debate from Facebook hosted by SYD-PAH