Maddy Talks About His Alter Ego Pup Stinky

Maddy Talks About His Alter Ego Pup Stinky

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Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce you to Maddy Landi? This 29-year-old lives in Amsterdam and works as a Movement Engineer for kNOTDance and also as a yoga, dance and pilates teacher. In his spare time he enjoys being pup Stinky.

Hi Maddy! You have an alter ego, Stinky, and you will bring him to Milkshake Festival.
“That’s right! Pup Stinky will be barking and sniffing around Mister B.’s kinky village. Look for the puppy in the leather pants. The puppy loves cuddles and hugs. He won’t bite, unless requested.”

I’m sure lots of Milkshakers will love Stinky! How did he join your life?
“While exploring the gay scene in my younger years, I found out that there was a leather bar called The Ramrod. I still remember the smell of leather, smoke, and men. One night, a Master came in with a man on a leash wearing latex and a puppy hood. This puppy happily explored the people in the bar and loyally returned to his owner. I was very intrigued by the Master and the puppy’s affectionate trusting and emotional dynamic within BDSM. Also, since I can remember I have always waged my tail when I was happy. I pounced on the puppy experience.”

Was this your first fetish experience?

“No. My first experience in fetish was when I was 16. I grew up in Miami/ Ft. Lauderdale (USA) and found it was comfortable for me to be out, proud, and exploring the person I could be. A friend, knowing I was a gay dancer who had worn heels and point shoes on many occasions, asked me a favor. She asked me if would I walk in a fashion show… in point shoes… wearing a completely blind latex gimp suit (this is a rubber bondage suit used to immobilize and remove visual stimulus.) This was not the question I was expecting but without a second thought I answered yes! From the moment I was zipped in, I knew this was a part of me.”

What happened next?
“I dove full-hearted into this expressive fetish lifestyle. My experience with leather came shortly after and was also quite unexpected. I was in the mall with friends and jokingly tried on a leather jacket to ‘look cool’. The second I put it on, I wanted it. And The Ramrod became my home. To my surprise the scary butch men in leather were actually some of the most kind people I have met. This allowed me to explore many kinks and fetishes such as BDSM & Role play. I have quite a few kinks and fetishes. My most predominant fetishes are puppy play, dominant and submissive role play, BDSM, rubber and the ever classic leather.”

Maddy Landi Mister B.
Photos courtesy of Mister B.

How lovely to hear you’ve totally found your way! How have they enriched your life?
“I have found much enrichment in my live from fetish. As a performer, I have stood on stage in front of thousands of strangers and given myself freely. However, I found it hard to enjoy and let myself go in personal and intimate settings. Through my pup persona ‘Stinky’ I have been able to explore a more playful and open side of my personality. It allows me to release my inhibitions and live in the moment. On the other hand, BDSM has taught me the power of trust. When you trust your partner enough to blindfold and tie you up, there is a sense of surrender and freedom that comes in letting go of control. These experiences have translated into my every day life and find myself more comfortable inside my skin.”

It truly sounds like an enrichment. Is there a special story you’d like to share?
“Along my journey, no matter what city I have ended up in, I have always found the fetish scene to be a place where I can be me. I have met inspirational people and amazing friends from fetish community around the world. When I was in London, I visited a pack of pups. While there, one of their friends never said a word to me. I later found out he was too nervous to talk to me. He was adorable. I asked him for a drink and we clicked. Three weeks later I had a beta pup and somehow I became an Alpha. I proudly named him Bash, short for bashful. I am happy to have found my best friends and beta.”

Thanks a lot for your time Maddy! Is there something you want to say to our beloved readers?
“Do you have that funny playful thing you think might be weird but you have always wanted to try…? Do it. Think you have a fetish? Explore it. I bet it is out there. Always love openly, live happy, explore safely. I’d also like to give a shout out to Boss Rob and Sirius Pups. They have both been an inspiration for me and my journey.”

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