Wonder Woman Pups

Wonder Woman Pups

July 11, 2016 Off By Tycho Aurora

I’m not a big mosher. Most of the time I will stay back and watch, thats just how I am. However, I have always seen that Female Pups seem like such Bad Asses (in a good way). I mean wow this women are tough, rough and can knock anyone over and keep on going. Now my question is why? I have noticed in the Animal Kingdom in many species the Female is the strong more DOM of the sexes. I wonder if some deep animalistic trait comes out in them and they become WONDER WOMEN PUP!!!!

Question asked in Facebook Group Puppy 101

[box] KB Says: no question is a stupid question. To answer your question I would say that I feel like a biopup. I go into my headspace and sometimes I’m really playful or just calm and serene. It kind of depends how my day goes and that sort of translates into my pup mood.[/box]

[box] DM Says: I’m female-bodied, and I mosh pretty hard. But I don’t think it really has anything to do with gender. I don’t think there are as many differences between men and women as we’re led to believe (or any at all, to be honest). I’m a pup, and I’m gonna act like a pup.[/box]

[box] CD Says: This makes me smile. I usually don’t think about being all wonder woman pup in the mosh. It’s not like I get in there and start thinking ‘time to show the boys up’. There are some pups that will push to see if they can land on top, and usually I just go into auto pilot and somehow end up on top. Maybe it’s the ‘momma bear’ coming out *shrugs*. But that being said I don’t usually engage in rough and tumble too much (especially now with a recovering knee). I try and respect people’s boundaries and usually if I don’t know the pup outside of moshes I won’t get too rough, but if you keep pushing all bets are off.[/box]

[box] IM Says: I think it just depends on the pup..[/box]

[box] RP Says: I am just me. I am not unnecessarily rough and pay special attention to try and engage everyone and feel out a situation. That being said, I am not one of the pretty kitty type of female animals who just wants to be adorable. I think as a female there is a certain something you have to prove. I feel like I have to prove I am willing to get in there and play with the boys and I am not trying to rub myself on the sexy boys who might not like it. I don’t want to be treated like a beefy guy, but I also don’t want to stick out any more than I already do if that makes sense.[/box]

[box] TO Says: I’m a cis male pup. But from what I have seen of female pups in a mosh, a pup is a pup. What tends to be true of bio dogs is true of human pups, they can be just as tough as any other pup. Even smaller pups can come out on top with dexterity, or cunning instead of strength.[/box]

[box] RL Says: I’m born female, female gender identity and all of that and I will mosh hard! I think it’s because I’m a bit of a tomboy. When ever I hung out with the guys it just came natural to me to be intense. If I wanted to keep up or be taken seriously it took me being more aggressive than they where and I almost always ended up leader of my friend groups and now leader of my pack. That however isn’t always the case, at an unfamiliar mosh I will sit on the sidelines until I feel out the crowd, especially if I’m in my gear, it’s nice and custom and I don’t want it bled on or some nonsense. (it has happened). It’s not a gender thing it’s a personality thing, I think more often the moshes can be intimidating for female pups since puppy play is dominated by men so the ones that do end up going are likely to be the ones who are not intimidated by the idea of running into group of wrestling men.[/box]