JM: I don't see why not
DM: Yep! Same way as you can be a switch for everything else.
MO: Power dynamics aren't static and aren't generic. I identify as a sub (a boy) but I also have a pup. There are Sirs that I know who are boys to someone else. It's all about how you relate to each individual.
RW: Yes
MY: Yes. It's happened. And 'stranger' things will continue to happen.
DB: Sure! Think of BDSM roles like a family tree. Someone can be a son to someone but they can also be a dad, or they may not be a dad. It's whatever works for you.
CB: Yes. I have my own Sir who I am a pup to, a pig. I am a Sir to, a boy; and another boy I am mentoring
TH: The only limits to our relationships is our imaginations
JW: yes lol just like a top can also bottom too lol
TO: Actually, in our dynamic, I am Alpha to my Beta SLK. We are the only two in our sub pack. But we are both just pack members in our pack.
KV:  that works for you guys and is fine, especially in a pack of just 2. At the moment that is a portion of how my pack functions with M and I. I am not just a pup, I am also a wolf primal and I know somewhere along the way my pack will grow. My pack will function similarly to the structure of wild wolf packs, because that is what works for me. 
VA: In theory yes but most omegas I know are very submissive and don't have the dominant energy to be an Alpha. 
TO: Yes, it is more common in Betas to flip and be Alpha to another. But it can happen & probably has somewhere.
MS: IDK, hypothetically I could see ordering my beta to role over and peeing on himself for V, and then me following suit in hopes he'll play with us both.