Commands – A Selection of common commands that are used in pup play
Commands in Another Language – Tips and Tricks to be a non english pup


Away – the pup responds to this command by moving back from whatever he was investigating or paying attention to.

Be Close – given when out walking; the pup that has been lagging too far back will move up to a position closer to master.

Stand By Me – used in every activity; the pup responds by stopping his free ranging about and instead comes to a position/posture by masters side.

Collar Off – pup responds by lowering his head to allow his collar to be slipped off easily.

Collar On – pup responds by lifting his head, pointing his muzzle up, to allow his collar to be placed on.

Down – the pup responds by laying down where he is.

Find (it) – the pup responds by searching for the item master has designated. Pup locates the item even if it is amongst other similar ones, by searching for his masters scent, which the designated item will have.

Front – pup responds by coming to a sit posture directly in front of master and remains until he is instructed otherwise.

Kennel – pup responds by going to his cage, his kennel, or his play mat.

Mount – pup responds by climbing onto back of other pup carefully, and initiating the sexual act. For use when breeding dogs.

Playtime – a release term; this command lets you know pup that whatever command you were given is now over and the time for commands is over. You are free to relax and do your own thing as a pup.

Settle – usually accompanied with a hand gesture indicating a place; pup responds by going to that place and settling down there, remaining quiet and in that area.

Snuggle – pup responds by cuddling into master and resting his head on Master.

Stand – pup responds by standing up from whatever other posture he was in.

Stay – pup responds by remaining in his current place and location, taking a comfortable position, until released by master issuing another command.

Steady – given when pup is nervous or flustered; pup responds by locking into his position and holding himself steady in it, despite any momentary discomfort.

Up – accompanied by a hand signal (a pat on, or point to a place); pup responds by jumping up or climbing onto the location master has indicated.

Watch Me – an attention getting command, often used before other commands; pup responds by looking at master and keeping his eyes on Sir, giving his master pups full attention.

Commands in Another Language