Guide to Kennels and Cages


Using a bed or cage designed for a real dog can really add to the overall pup experience. Besides being used for sleeping, a dog pen can also be an excellent “punishment” device, and there are plenty of options for “inside the cage” bondage.

“Cage time” can also invoke a variety of responses in the human dog. Placing him in the cage for a time prior to a scene involving human dog play can very much help him to slip into the desired mindset. Being locked in a cage while the Handler prepares the play space can heighten his expectations and anticipation. Being banished to the cage while the Handler does other things, or plays with other human dogs, can be an extremely effective punishment tool. And being lovingly bedded down in his cage after a long day at work can be just the thing the human dog needs to relax and allow the worries Of the day to quickly and quietly vanish and be replaced by the comforting feeling of being owned, cared for, and loved.