Food & Water Bowls

Feeding and watering your pup from a bowl on the floor can be an important part of their mindset. It bears commenting that there needs to be separate bowls for the two. At first glance, you might think any old dog bowl will do, either that or you’ll find yourself standing in the pet aisle or store and staring at the bowls with a very confused look on your face.

So, how do you know what’s the right bowl for your pup? Both bowls need to be big enough for your pup to fit their head in. You can measure from their chin to the top of their head and add a couple of inches or if they have a high threshold for embarrassment take them to the store and see which they can fit their head in comfortably. Remember they have to be able to open and close their mouth as well. While a drinking bowl can be deep, a food bowl needs to be shallow enough that they can get to the food at the very bottom of the bowl; for this reason it’s recommended that the sides be no deeper than the distance between chin and neck added to the distance the bottom of the nose protrudes. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that your pup may find it easier to eat from a plate on the floor.

Whether you prefer plastic, stainless steel or a pot bowl is entirely a personal preference between you and your pup, but remember that plastic bowls are chewable.