Canis Major

An Exploration of
Human Pup Play

By Taylor Cook & Justin St Clair

Release Early 2019

For The Community, By The Community

We have created this book not to be a “this is what pup play is and is not” but more of a “this is the diversity in the pup play community, we hope this inspires you” A book of ideas and opinions from across the world from the community to show what its like for parts of the world that you aren’t in; and maybe it’ll give you ideas to branch out and explore new things in pup play?


Our two authors, Taylor Cook is a pup from Australia, getting the oceanic side of the community involved as well and making sure all types of pups are involved in its development. Justin St Clair, International Handler titleholder and also author of the book “Bark!” is our co-author handler to help expand the realm of information to help guide and inspire handlers across the world. We also have mini-articles from authors on the website who have submitted content that’s also in the book, helping us share as many different viewpoints as we can.

Newcomers to Old-Timers

There’s information in here for everyone, we share definitions shared by the community with the basics of pup play expanded on, right up to different styles and techniques of training that can be found in the community. This is so we can help anyone with any level of experience in the community to learn even more about what makes us and everyone in the community unique.

“There is as many styles to pup play as there is attitudes of the different breeds of bio-pups”

Research Backed

We aren’t making any facts that aren’t able to be backed up. The 2017 Nerdy Doggo research project is involved as well, helping us put in facts collated from over 1,500 pups and handlers from across the world of all shapes, sizes, genders and sexualities. We’ve also dug deep into our community history, want to learn what the 90’s were like for the community? 80’s? 1920’s? now you can easily.

For The Community

In the spirit of PupPlay.Info and Nerdy Doggo, any money made on this book wont be going to any one person. Just like money raised by the Nerdy Doggo clothing gear; Money raised here will be again, returned back to the pup community to help create more resources for the community. This is no cash-cow, its designed for the whole community and will help strengthen the community.


We are planning to release in January 2018 (fingers crossed). We will be releasing a paperback and ebook version which will be for sale online from several sources. If you wish to be kept up to date with it, please follow our facebook page or subscribe to our newsletter which can be found in this pages footer

Book Preview

We have incorporated some of our most popular articles into Canis Major. You can check them out here if you want a sneak peek!